TODAY   |  October 31, 2012

What is America’s top-selling Halloween candy?

TODAY diet and nutrition editor Madelyn Fernstrom gives a lesson on Halloween candy, sharing five fun facts, including the most popular candy and which candy does not cause weight gain.

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>>> be handed out tonight while kids fill up their bags.

>> but don't feel guilty. here are some five fun facts you may not know with sweet tweets is our diet and nutrition expert. i love this segment because it makes me feel good about all the chocolate i'm going to eat tonight.

>> chocolate candy , a good thick in moderation, but here is one fact that i think you'll really be surprised at.

>> okay.

>> the top selling candy in america is candy corn .

>> the reason why we're not surprised by this, willie and i have been in a big battle over candy corn . he doesn't get why people love the corn.

>> here's what i would say about the corn, if i may. you eat it like three days a year. would you ever eat candy corn in june? it's a seasonal treat.

>> which is so weird.

>> you don't really love it, you love it now.

>> but it makes me feel like i'm celebrating halloween and call.

>> like christmas music in the summer, just doesn't happen.

>> 20 million pounds every year get sold, 20 million pounds.

>> i eat 10 million pounds.

>> okay.

>> next up on the list is chocolate .

>> okay.

>> if you're a chocolate lover, that can boost blood flow and improve overall circulation in your bod.

>> isn't it only dark chocolate ?

>> dark chocolate because they have flavinols. dark chocolate over a long period of time seems to have health, if you want something with more flavinols buy cocoa via . this can help relax your blood vessels . ever think of your blood vessels relaxing and staying calm.

>> by binge eating chocolate is not what we recommend.

>> that's bad.

>> okay. the average amount we eat as far as candy a year.

>> the average american is going to eat 24 pounds of candy a year. does that sound a lot, two pounds a month. is that a lot?

>> i think so.

>> that's three candy bars a week.

>> i knock that out.

>> do you really?

>> yes, i do.

>> a lot of people eat less and some eat more. that's the average.

>> i must eat mine and willie's.

>> you're eating for two.

>> sssh, don't start rumorses. next up on the list.

>> chocolate does not cause weight gain . can even cause weight loss .

>> how is that true and so much sugar?

>> you eat candy and you're thin.

>> good point.

>> and the idea with chocolate is if you deprive yourself and think bad foods don't have this, you often don't have the kind of control that you really need so you go i'll eat chocolate and goes directly to my hip because you're eating a lot. the highest consume nerts world are the swiss and they only is v an 8% rate of overweight and obesity so there's moderation there.

>> who knew.

>> to recap chocolate , good for circulation and helps you lose weight . 2 for 2.

>> and finally halloween is the top halloween for candy purchased. what other holidays beat out?

>> 90 million pounds of candy for halloween , what's the next highest holiday?

>> easter.

>> christmas isn't even on the list. 200 million pounds of candy is sold and half of that is halloween . maybe we eat it the whole year. do you eat halloween candy all year?

>> i get rid of it mostly the first couple of nights.

>> my favorite is candy corn .

>> what is your favorite?

>> nestle crunch , reese peanut butter cup or twix.

>> pick one.

>> twix.

>> crunchy but likes chocolate .