TODAY   |  October 31, 2012

Forgot a costume? 6 simple, last-minute ideas

Whether you were delayed by the storm or because you were simply procrastinating, it’s never too late to create a costume. TODAY contributor Elizabeth Mayhew shows off her six best last-minute ideas.

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>>> back now at 8:40 on this halloween morning, if your plans got sidetracked by the storm and you're procroft nating, guess what, not too late to get into the spirit of halloween. elizabeth mayhew has fun, homemade costume ideas. you've really pulled this together at the last minute for us, right?

>> got this call at 4:00, 4:30 so i really had to scrounge, and i just think everyone needs to know, new york is closed, like most stores. i couldn't even find a place to buy a t-shirt so i really had to scrounge my closet, through my bins, craft staff, just to come up with it.

>> if you're at home saying what am i going to do, there are options. first of all, what are you?

>> i am 50 shades of gray .

>> i happen to recently painted a house gray, this is a free costume. wearing a gray dress, my daughter's gray sweater and i threaded the paint shades through a ribbon and tied it around my neck and there you go.

>> got your clever krogs on this morning.

>> caroline, come on out, and i bet we can get what she's dressed at.

>> caroline, cha what can i do at the dress store, took a pair of pajama bottoms and glued smarties on them. she is smarty pants . takes a little bit of thinking. can eat them afterwards.

>> a little bit of glasses to complete the look if you've got the look.

>> thanks so much.

>> let's bring out our next model. he's got a clever costume, too. see if we can figure this one out.

>> a orange t-shirt, went online, just googled pi symbol and copied it in pink and he is pumpkin pye.

>> now we're got miss lucy , shall we say, pretty as a picture.

>> everybody has a frame in their house. take whatever is in it, take the glass out and put it on your face, hold it like that and you are a self-portrait.

>> very cute.

>> and all i did was cut out a little label for her name underneath it, and that's it.

>> lucy completes the picture with her cute smile. thank you, lucy.

>> okay. now we've got our knocks med el george, we all recognize his outfit.

>> george is easy because my son has this shirt. it's a red and white striped shirt, a ski hat and then we happened who doesn't walk out of a movie once in a while with 3-d glasses, that's what those, are punched the lenses out, that's it straight from the closet.

>> where's waldo.

>> thank you so much.

>> now a couple of costumes here. we've got baylin and kozmo.

>> one is a black-eyed pea, looks like a real black eye and a cutout pea on his black shoe and kazmu is a split p. we took a zip-up jersey and cut a "p" in half.

>> do you have the sparkly stuff around the house or did you get it at the drug store ?

>> got it at walgreens.

>> they have all kinds of -- go to the craft aisle and those are close, that's baylin's ski shirt.

>> the "p" brothers. thank you so much.

>> and then we've got an election-themed costume.

>> okay. this is my friend charlie .

>> hi, charlie , and he -- this is actually his costume. he is an undecided voter , so i actually did have these, this is the one thing where you might say, wow, eluz beth, where did you get those, from fat boy , them getting ready for the election but tons of election paraphernalia out there.

>> what is fat boy ?

>> fat boy is an online fat boy .com and you get big printouts of famous people or just go online and print out two images and put one in each hand and make one for each hand. undecided.

>> thank you, charlie . five more days to make up your mind or six.

>> thank you so much, elizabeth. let's have all our costumes come out one more time.