TODAY   |  October 31, 2012

10 creative Halloween costumes that really wow

The TODAY anchors show off 10 costumes submitted by viewers, including a Goodyear Blimp, the Fantastic Mr. and Mrs. Fox, and a retro Pac-Man.

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>>> well, so many people on the east coast are dealing with the impact of sandy, but we are happy to say a lot of are you still get night halloween spirit, and we actually asked some of you to send in your photos of your costumes. you certainly delivered. we'll take a look at a couple of them we have gotten this morning. what is that? i like the dog

>> i know.

>> it's snow white , i think.

>> yeah, that's snow white .

>> looks like the evil version.

>> charlize theron version.

>> the dog's costume is pretty cute.

>> the dogs have no choice in things like that.

>> look at the owl, that's very cute.

>> pretty well done.

>> i will say that i always look forward to halloween here on the plaza, except the dressing up myself part, but i always love to see the creativity of other people's costumes. i miss that this year.

>> this is our viewer mandy. she is a fortune teller , complete with the boots.

>> oh, yeah. like when you would go to the arcade as a kid.

>> oh, that's pretty cool.

>> what is that?

>> oh, i know this one. this is the old ball and chain , is that what it is?

>> yeah, i guess.

>> oh, no.

>> that has raymond rodriguez all locked up.

>> next, the goodyear blimp .

>> simple, to the point. don't have to guess.

>> i'm always amazed that people can create these costumes.

>> some are quite crafty.

>> mr. and mrs. fox, shauna and spencer sent that one in. we'll go back to the '80s for pacman, reminds me of the '80s.

>> a lot of people watching right now, kids have no idea what that is. that was the video game to end all video games when we were younger.

>> the world's greatest games.

>> i love that.

>> like the couples, the duets.

>> the whole family getting into the act. they are flip flops

>> i thought they were turkeys.

>> that you would draw as a kid.

>> when you look at them really quickly, they do look like turkeys.

>> and i like how each toe has a nice pedicure.

>> and these are the x-men family members, superheros, tonya stevenson and her family, rogue, mystique, storm, wolverine and the little boy in front is cyclops.

>> look at nails on that guy. scratch my back.

>> and last but not least the mary poppins family.

>> and the little boy on the end with the cane. so cute.

>> very cute.

>> and, again, we apologize to you folks at home and the people here in the new york area we did not do our halloween costumes this this year. save it up. make it even better and do it next year. the events of the last couple of days put us