TODAY   |  October 31, 2012

Take a sneak peek at the new iPad Mini

Apple’s newest tablet is set to hit stores this Friday, but technology expert Katie Linendoll got her hands on the pint-sized gadget to give us an early look.

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>> much. apple's newest tablet the ipad mini doesn't hit stores until friday but today we're getting a sneak peek in our studio.

>> i kind of love this. our technology expert got her hands on the much-hyped gadget. katie, good morning.

>> good morning.

>> by point of reference this is a normal ipad, this is the mini and then you can compare it to the size -- that's an iphone 5.

>> i just held it. i loved it. i hugged it. what is the difference, i mean, from a technological standpoint between this ipad and the mini ipad?

>> it's obviously as soon as you can pick it up you can tell how light it is. in terms of features, obviously much smaller. 7.9 inches as compared to the ipad 4 which is 9.7 inches, 20% thin and 53% lighter and jam packed inside there are the features. kind of like an ipad 2 so front facing, rear facing, 5 mega pixel camera. i was impressed by the battery life , really nerdy. had ten-plus hours. a really nice feature, but in terms of everything you would expect from an ipad it's right in there. fun size .

>> as i continue to play carol merrill , if you've got one of these, why do you need it?

>> a one-size-fits-all. it's your choice, another option for the consumer, if you wanted something more portable that's seven-inch form factor you now have choices.

>> put it in your purse or your murse in your case.

>> in terms of having a more portable option, noticed a big difference, use it in bed, handle it with one hand.

>> the price point is exclusive though especially with all the other lower price tablets?

>> all these 7-inch tablets on the market for $200 that are farrelly comparable. the price point is a bit high. the big kicker here is people love apple, they love the ecosystem. familiar with apps and itunes.

>> aren't there a bunch of number of pre-orders?

>> already pushed back. price point isn't hurting at all.

>> starts at 329 because if you want all the bells and whistles.

>> correct.

>> katie, thank you very much.

>> have to really spend for my christmas present. thank you.