TODAY   |  October 31, 2012

Fires, devastation seen in New Jersey aerial tour

TODAY’s Natalie Morales reports from Mantoloking, N.J., where an aerial view of the region shows fires burning and sand  completely overtaking neighborhoods.

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>> let's go back over to natalie flying over the jersey shore this morning. she's got some more damage to talk about. natalie ?

>> good morning, matt. as the sun has come up here now over mantaloking, new jersey, i'm just a couple of miles north of where lester is, you can see the boats down below us have been tossed as if they were toys into homes. from what i can tell from above, practically there's no street left that makes this point accessible. there are fires burning in the area, and first responders to get there, it's been completely cut off. we're hoping there are no people still in these homes because there's not much left. some structures obviously still standing there, but there you see some of the fires as we pan down, and it's -- it appears to be four or five at least from what i can tell different lots that have been consumed by these fires, and would i imagine, as you see, they are still smouldering, so this is something that overnight, perhaps it developed, and nobody has been able to get to these areas to try to take care of this situation, but this area of mantaloking new jersey. this is an affluent community. lots of beautiful homes. i have friends who have homes down here, and they have told me that they have seen pictures of people kayaking basically in and around the houses just to try to survey the damage because yesterday that was the only way to get around, but, you know, as we see with more daylight now, the sands, the cars, have completely overtaken what was a beautiful neighborhood along the jersey shore , and governor chris christie , president obama is going to be joining him. once again they will be taking a tour of some of the most devastated areas of the jersey shoreline. matt, back to you.

>> natalie , thanks very much.

>> we'll check back in with her as she has that view from high above the