TODAY   |  October 30, 2012

West Virginia digging out from massive snow storm

As the East Coast is left reeling from Hurricane Sandy, West Virginia is experiencing a storm that has dropped almost two feet of snow on some areas and is expected to intensify before it gets better. The Weather Channel’s Janel Klein reports.

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>>> you know, one of the reasons that sandy made that that dramatic turn to the northeast was another storm moving in from the west, and it's brought snow, a lot of it, to parts of the appalachian mountains . the weather channel 's janelle klein is in snowshoe, west virginia with more from there. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, matt, as hurricane sandy continues to batter the east coast , it's having a very different effect here in west virginia . lots of snow, as you said. in fact, almost two feet of snow in some parts of west virginia , the governor declaring a state of emergency here with travel very, very difficult this morning. thousands of people without power. many counties in a state of emergency because of that power loss, and many travelers stranded on the road. the plows are out this morning trying to clear those highways. national guard troops are also on standby trying to help people stranded on the roads, and state agencies have set up shelters trying to help people who have been out and have no place to go, and yet they do expect this storm will get better. as you can see, the snow continues to fall here, and the storm does continue. we expect it will intensify before the day is over and get a lot worse before the day is over.

>> janel klein in snowshoe, west virginia . thank you very much.