TODAY   |  October 30, 2012

Fallon, Letterman perform to empty studios

Late-night television hosts Jimmy Fallon and David Letterman performed to empty theaters after Hurricane Sandy prevented live studio audiences from attending the taping of their shows, but the funny men managed to get a few laughs from their band leaders and crews while reading their jokes for viewers at home.

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>>> intrepid nbc late night host jimmy fallon did not let monday's storm stop his comic relief. fallon opened his show, you see there, on the almost deserted streets of manhattan and then delivered his monologue without an audience.

>> thank you very much, thank you. welcome to " late night with jimmy fallon ," everybody. please, please, keep it down.

>> you're performing as if there was an audience.

>> well, i'm assuming that people at home will be watching either on their laptop or get their generators out and then they are going to want to see and want to leave room to laugh.

>> everybody.

>> david letterman also taped his show without an audience because of the storm, joking that if he were home, he'd be boarding up television sets. it is now 8:08. back to matt and savannah. sometimes you need a little laughter to keep from you crying when you look out at some of the damage. the show does go on sometimes.

>> it does go on. thank