TODAY   |  October 29, 2012

Six-foot waves crash on boardwalk on N.J. shore

NBC’s Brynn Gingras reports from Seaside Heights, N.J., where Hurricane Sandy is bringing freezing rain and intense winds, and causing waves over six feet high to crash onto the boardwalk.

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>> get to wnbc's bryn gingras in seaside heights , new jersey. good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning. the jersey shore is usually packed with beach-goers. a bustling area right now. it is deserted, and can you see why. forgive me, i have to hold on to my hat. i've lost three already. the winds and the rain are so strong. i've never been a part of a storm like this. it's so cold that it feels like ice hitting my face, and my photographer, eddie alonzo, he's moved in for us to look at the shore right now. you can see these waves are incredibly intense, and the tide is actually on its way out at this point in the morning, but those waves are about six or seven feet high, and we've seen them this morning crashing up against the pier and actually going over the pier on to all of those amusement rides. at one point the wind so strong, a good exam. we saw a bird that couldn't even stay in flight because this wind is so incredible, so we are experiencing right now the early part of sandy. that's what's so scarey is that this is just incredibly intense. the winds and the rain, and, again, sandy has a bull's eye on the jersey shore . it will only get worse down here. governor christie ordered everyone to evacuate this area, and it sounds like everyone did. it looks like everyone did, because we haven't seen a single soul out here. actually within the last hour, we haven't even seen police out here an they have been checking to make sure nobody has been out here except for us, so that is the good news. but really, we're going to be here and hopefully everything is going to be okay, but you know what? we know it's only getting worse. i'm live here at the jersey shore . let's go back to you.

>> all right. wnbc bryn gingras literally holding on to her hat on the jersey shore .