TODAY   |  October 26, 2012

Hitman services, man’s kidney for sale online

Chris Hansen of “Dateline NBC” goes undercover to explore the dark side of online classifieds, meeting with a hitman, a woman selling powerful drugs, and a man offering up one of his kidneys for a fee.

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>>> easy and convenient, and as nbc's chris hansen found out, you can also think of just about anything being available for a certain price. chris, good morning.

>> good morning, matt. you know, i've done a lot of stories over 30 years and seen a lot of things. this ranks in the top five. at any given time there are 60 billion posts on craigslist with only 40 employees to monitor them. our investigations found posts offering everything from drugs to human organs, even a hitman. it's a crisp autumn day, and i'm sitting across the table from someone who is suggesting he's a hitman.

>> you want to walk around and talk?

>> no, i think we're good.

>> and i'm playing along as a potential client of his services.

>> i've got a problem with a guy.

>> okay.

>> and i've got to take care of it.

>> okay.

>> it feels like a scene from had a movie.

>> what are the options?

>> what do you want to happen to him?

>> well, what can you do?

>> i can do anything.

>> but he's no actor, and here he is on hidden camera describing what he's willing to do to a potential victim for a fee.

>> he can get hurt, hospitalized, a lot of things can happen.

>> but this isn't a story about a hitman. it's really a story about where we found him, of all places in the online classifieds. a place where billions of people worldwide come to sell, share and offer services on sites like craigslist and backpage. you can find anything, apartments, cars, furniture, jobs or even a spouse, but with just a few clicks you can also find some very strange things. a young man offering his kidney for $50,000.

>> it wouldn't matter to have two kidneys or one kidney.

>> people who sell things online.

>> a woman selling a poe temp narcotic. how do you justify this?

>> you ask for it.

>> it's still illegal.

>> this man says he's selling his marijuana delivery business.

>> i can do about $800 to $1,000 a day.

>> reporter: but it was the hitman that surprised us the most.

>> left leg and right elbow.

>> right.

>> stuff can happen.

>> what are we talking about money-wise?

>> it depends what if you want done.

>> what if i wanted him to disappear in jail, set up. that's no problem.

>> how much?

>> $5,000.

>> 5,000?

>> yeah.

>> what about disappear disappear.

>> that's like 25,000, yeah.

>> 25,000.

>> yeah, yeah.

>> so who is this alleged hitman.

>> i need to know who