TODAY   |  October 26, 2012

Carolinas, East Coast on watch for Hurricane Sandy

TODAY’s Al Roker previews the projected path of Hurricane Sandy as the Category 1 storm heads northwest. Tropical storm watches have been issued for the Carolinas as Sandy moves parallel to Florida and up the Atlantic coast.

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>> al's in florida just south of west palm beach this morning. al, good morning to you.

>> well, good morning to you, guys. so far sandy has been a deadly storm, first hitting cuba. at least 21 people dead there. we've also had reports of at least one person killed in jamaica as that system moved through, roaring through there as a category two storm. now it is hitting the bahamas , central bahamas , where there are hurricane warnings up. this is the latest on sandy. let's give you the statistics. right now sandy is still a category 1 storm. it's currently 210 miles east of miami, florida , 80-mile-per-hour winds. it's moving northwest at 13. right now hurricane warnings are up for all of the bahamas , a good portion of the bahamas , the central bahamas at least. we're looking at tropical storm warnings from ocean reach, florida , all the way up to flagler beach . tropical storm watch is north of there, and as we make our way into the southeast from the savannah river to the oregon inlet , along the carolinas, we now have tropical storm watches. here's what we look for as far as sandy's path. we're expecting, this is from the national hurricane center . it makes its way across the bahamas today and kind of parallels the florida coast. by friday afternoon. then it makes a bit of a right turn saturday. we have two models we look at, the gfs which is the american model and the european model. that's put out by the european hurricane organization, and by monday morning the european model is much closer to the shore and comes in on land somewhere just south of the delmarva peninsula , while the american model comes in closer up to new york . and that's going to make a big difference. if it comes in closer to new york , that means the new york and the metropolitan area is going to be in the worst quadrant of the storm, massive flooding, storm surge , he have rain and strong winds. if we say with the european model, it's more about the mid-atlantic states and heavy snow back through the appalachians. we'll know better later today when both models have the latest run and in the meantime everybody from the carolinas to new england have to watch for this very dangerous storm. it could be an unprecedented one. matt?

>> we want people to stay tuned today and all throughout the weekend. al, thank you