TODAY   |  October 25, 2012

Tom Cruise sues tabloid for $50 million

The Hollywood superstar is accusing Life & Style magazine of “cruel and reckless” statements in response to a headline saying he abandoned daughter Suri. NBC’s Andrea Canning reports.

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>>> tom cruise . it's against the publisher of two magazines over what the actor calls cruel and reckless statements. nbc's andrea canning is here with details.

>> don't mess with an angry dad who happens to be really famous. tom cruise filed a huge lawsuit against bauer publishing . we talked with his lawyer who accuses them of vicious lies about his personal life . but it's not exactly what you might expect.

>> he is mad as hell and justifiably so.

>> reporter: it's been a rough year for tom cruise . a media frenzy over his divorce followed by claims of the role of scientology in his life. but the his lawyer says the lawsuit filed has to do wh something even more personal, his relationship with his 6-year-old daughter suri . on july 18th , one day after cruise was seen carrying suri in new york city , the lawsuit says " life & style " wrote this on its website and later in print. suri in tears weeping over her dad.

>> she's weeping over a puppy and the indication is she's weeping because her father has cut her out of his life. that's nuts. this guy just loves his child and would never do that.

>> tom cruise 's lawyer says he wrote this letter demanding they immediately retract the false assertion. instead, field says, "in touch" magazine printed a similar headline in its october issue. 44 days without tom, abandoned by daddy.

>> again this malicious lie. and this time they clearly knew it was false.

>> the publisher declined to comment on the lawsuit which claims the magazine defamed cruise in disregard for the truth. years ago carol burnett won her legendary lawsuit against "the national enquirer ," but it can be risky. david beckham has lost a more recent suit.

>> in order to win a lawsuit for defamation, you must establish either intentional misconduct, malice, or you must establish reckless disregard for the truth.

>> tom cruise 's lawyer says his client wants more than an apology.

>> i would like to see that jury come in with a bigger number because i think these people are not gog to feel $50 million.

>> again, nbc news contacted bauer publishing , but the company said it would not comment on the lawsuit and definitely seems like he loves that little girl .