TODAY   |  October 23, 2012

Sara’s brave cancer stunt brings KLG, Hoda to tears

TODAY’s Sara Haines goes “Over the Edge” during an American Cancer Society fundraiser where she joined survivors in rappelling down 480 feet to raise awareness about the disease and collect donations for the organization.

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>>> now with sara in the city. this time our sara haines p found herself against the ropes.

>> she was dangling from one of jersey city 's tallest skyscrapers.

>> that's right, i was invited to rappel from 33 stories up in a fundraiser appropriately called " over the edge ." it's 480 feet to the top of the harbor side financial center plaza 5 building in jersey city . people are actually braving the elements and rappelling down to raise donations for the american cancer society . look at that guy, he's showing off. jimmy saldana agreed to rappel for me for morale support. at only 34 years old, jenny was diagnosed with breast cancer . she went through chemotherapy and a mastectomy, and now she's been cancer free for almost seven years. you look amazing, so today, is this one of those feats to overcome anything, why are you doing this today?

>> i think it's really important to raise awareness . it's a difficult journey, but if you have someone leading the way, it's not as hard as you think it is.

>> after her dancer diagnosis, jenny left her corporate job, diving into acting and writing. why is this -- why do you do all this? hooray, hooray.

>> i was alone, i was diagnosed at 34 with no family history, no doctor wanted to see me. they kept dismissing me. there was no way that i had cancer. that's why i do it, to be there for the women who are at the beginning of their journey, because the journey never ends. i'm always looking back wondering if cancer is still near me, but i'm far enough to hold the next person's hand and say, i got you.

>> jenny led the way to get har harnessed in. she chose a ma da that classic to get us pumped up. we made it! we get a quick lesson and practice rappel, and then it's time to climb down. reality is sinking in. the skyline is definitely reminding me how high i am. i love you, hoda and kathie lee .

>> hi!

>> can we sing or something? holiday it will be your --

>> jenny, the wonder woman, left me in her dust. with my partner gone, i reflected on why i was rappelling. i love hoda. hoda had a much rougher journey than this. i'm just climbing down a building. this one's for you, hoda girl. finally, i could feel the ground beneath my feet.

>> sara !

>> and jenny and i crossed another one off our bucket list.

>> rappelling, rappelling, rappelling, rappelling.

>> before you even read your tag --

>> that was great, sara , we're really proud of you.

>> thank you, guys, they raised over $275,000 in the two days for the american cancer society . it does cross your mind, though, as you're going down. i thought this is nothing compared to what people like you go through.

>> i can't believe you did it. that was really great.

>> it was the scariest thing i've done yet, it was really scary.

>> you haven't walked down the aisle yet.

>> i would do that with pretty much anyone at this