TODAY   |  October 23, 2012

Scariest of all: Which viewer's Halloween costume is best?

After being chose from hundreds of photos of homemade get-ups, three viewer finalists compete for the title of TODAY’s best Halloween costume. The queen of crafts herself, Martha Stewart, chooses a winner.

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>>> this morning on "today's quest for the best," koss sume creations. we asked you to submit pictures of your homemade halloween getups and narrowed it down to three finalist here to compete for the title of today's best. also a return appearance on the halloween show next week. here to weigh in on the ghoulish getups the one and only queen of crafty herself martha stewart .

>> they don't look so ghoulish to me. they look like halloween costumes .

>> there you go.

>> what are you going to be looking for?

>> i'm looking for creativity, originality, do-it-yourselfness.

>> do-it-yourselfness, lie take.

>> and fun.

>> and fun, okay.

>> yeah.

>> let's see who has got some do-it-yourselfness. mike briggs from brookline, massachusetts. his version of the cookie monster .

>> hey, mike.

>> hi, how are you?

>> good to see you.

>> how do you do?

>> how does your back look?

>> oh, wow, very nice.

>> how many -- what did you use to make your costume?

>> mostly newspaper, cardboard and tape.

>> duct tape .

>> masking tape .

>> and then i covered it with duct tape and paineded it.

>> i think you have oreos on your wrists.

>> paper plates there.

>> fortune cookie on top of your head?

>> that's a fortune cooky.

>> and what are the little eyeballs on the fortune cooky in.

>> some powdered cookies with a thing i saw online. on a big tray.

>> is it true you spent 180 bucks on tape alone?

>> trying to go cheap on this costume by using newspaper and cardboard.

>> and it cost $ 1850 .

>> i kept taping and taping.

>> how much does it weigh?

>> it's light. on like lacrosse pads.

>> you wore this last halloween i understand?

>> yeah.

>> good -- great response?

>> yeah. it was fantastic response. a lot of fun.

>> you just got back from your honeymoon two days ago.

>> i did.

>> and got the call.

>> with your koss talk?

>> yeah, no, i didn't have it on there.

>> must have been quite a honeymo honeymoon, mike.

>> let's bring in katherine smith from marietta, georgia. talking a walk on the wild side .

>> very lion kingesque.

>> very charming.

>> they nice a.

>> very cute face on the giraffe. what's the whole neck made out of?

>> a garden copilotio cage.

>> oh, clever.

>> and everything is covered in two colors of duct tape .

>> it's duct tape .

>> how much did you spend making your costume?

>> around $50.

>> that's not bad.

>> i understand you can actually dance in this thing.

>> it's not impossible, no.

>> it's not impossible.

>> can you bust a move for us.

>> i can always bust a move , al.

>> there's a little music. a little bust a move music for you.

>> graceful giraffe, wouldn't you say?

>> yeah.

>> and it's not too heavy. it's manageable.

>> can't get into a taxi no.

>> but this is very easy just to come on and off. this is just a --

>> what are the front feet?

>> swim into theles.

>> cool.

>> swim noodles.

>> very lightweight, very nice.

>> okay. katherine , thank you so much. john mulgrew from new york, dressed as a winning nfl coach.

>> wow.

>> nobody we've seen in new york.

>> oh, well.

>> that's not true.

>> just kidding.

>> oh, my gosh, and look at his ring.

>> wow.

>> oh, that's a big diamond you've got there.

>> so who is your favorite team?

>> the jets, but i don't really look too much like rex ryan so i figured i'd go generic sportscoat.

>> i like the idea. getting dunked with gatorade after winning the championship, a pipe run up my back which i bent and have it all supported.

>> and what's holding it on?

>> a weight belt and a series of belt going up which i screwed into the pipe.

>> but not --

>> not in your rib cage ?

>> no, no.

>> it's a little tight, but i don't care about comfort or practicality. i just like the silly costume.

>> all righty.

>> gatorade , not champagne.

>> they throw gatorade on the coaches.

>> oh, gatorade , wow.

>> you'd rather champagne.

>> of course.

>> martha, you've got mike briggs , katherine smith and john mulgrew, who is your "today's" best homemade costume.

>> having just seen the costumes without too much ado, it's hard, hard, hard. they are all creative. they are all clever, but only one really gets me.

>> and that would be?

>> the giraffe.

>> katherine smith .

>> congratulations.

>> i like the giraffe. the face is so cute. look at it. lack at the long eyelashes.

>> oh, we've got the flag.

>> uh-oh.

>> unbelievable.

>> i throw the flag on that one.

>> personal foul, martha stewart .

>> i don't know if a giraffe can carry a trophy.

>> mike, katherine , john, thank you.

>> congratulations.

>> congratulations to all of you.

>> katherine , we'll see you next week.

>> to see more costume contest submissions, don't forget. go to