TODAY   |  October 23, 2012

After 300 episodes, ‘SVU’ cast talk ‘dead hooker,’ new plots

In honor of the 300th episode of “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” airing this week, the cast of the show visits Studio 1A to chat about the show’s amazing success, reveal a bit of what’s up next for their characters and test their memories of the past 300 episodes with “SVU” trivia.

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>>> order special victims unit " is celebrating a milestone. in its 14th season the show is airing its 300th episode. in the latest whodunit the squad leaps into overtime when a young boy is kidnapped setting off a race against time and a closer look at the boy's parents. take a look.

>> you know, maybe david morse got tired of paying for two sets of legal fees.

>> and has his own son kidnapped?

>> or the wife wants to make him look bad.

>> nothing is fair in love and war .

>> does want to make him look bad. got a point of saying he got there at 11:00 today, two hours late.

>> 11:00 , the train didn't leave until 12:15 .

>> did david tell you he stopped anywhere?

>> no, and i asked.

>> the "svu" cast is with us, ice-t, marisa hargitay and great to have you all here. when this show went on the air, we were worried about y-2-k virus, britney spears was singing "one more time," what a gift. 300 episodes. what a gift.

>> it's not the thing that we look younger. at least for me i always look 60, that's how it works.

>> when you think about shows that come on the air and go off the air in two, three weeks these days, what does it mean as an actor to have something like this on your resume?

>> well, it's a dream for an actor to have the same job for more than one season let alone 14, and what we're blessed with is we all get along. that may sound corny, but we have literally become a family, and danny and kelly have just joined the show in the last couple of years, must have set some kind of record in fitting in with our group because we have catch phrases in our in jokes. are we supposed to not talk while this is going on?

>> you're supposed to watch and add mire your own work . quiet. look at belzer and how he moves his -- anyway, these guys are great. just delirious we're on 14 years with great new actors.

>> how many shows have you played?

>> 11.

>> this year i tie matt dillon as james or necessary on "gunsmoke" for 20 years. i've played this for 20 years so i don't want to say i'm old.

>> that's a good achievement.

>> going into my 18th year in the "law & order" brand which i believe is now the longest running character.

>> let me ask you about that because let's talk about this. the cliffhanger last year, so your character finds a dead escort in bed?

>> yeah.

>> yeah, i know.

>> ripped from the headlines.

>> what's up with that?

>> leave my private life out of this.

>> this was, well, we kind of worked that out. you know, it was a setup.

>> okay.

>> but it -- it always puts a crimp in your evening to wake up with a dead hooker in the bed.

>> one of the producers was interviewed recently saying they are trying to push you guys out of your comfort zone in this 14th season. does that make sense to you?

>> it does. one of the things about the show being such a marker of the 300th episode, the most interesting thing about it after 14 years the show is completely reig rated, and it feels to us, who have been here, fresh, and like a new show, and that's pretty exciting. instead of it being tired and you're done and i've done this a million times, it feels truly like a new show, and it's -- you know, danny and kelly have infused the show with such incredible new energy and warren light has completely brought a different spin to it

>> exactly.

>> again, really pushing us to our limits which is really exciting to play to.

>> a lot of fans out there. let's do a lot of trivia. just take a beat before you answer, give folks at home a chance to answer. which of your characters has been shot. now raise your hand?

>> yeah.

>> just the two of you.

>> i thought you'd all been shot at one time or another.

>> are you talking about television or real life ?

>> all right.

>> what type of needle did you --

>> no, no.

>> which of your characters would be in a stable relationship? which would or are right now?

>> none.

>> or have been?

>> no one.

>> on the show.

>> the true answer is none.

>> that's right.

>> and last one, how many romantic interests has delinquent difficult olivia benson had over the years?

>> aside from us?

>> how many.

>> anybody at home?

>> got to be about six.

>> come on.

>> 15 seconds?

>> four, eight?

>> more.

>> six.

>> seven is the correct answer, sir.

>> when you ask the question how many episodes, check it out this week, guys. great to have you here. congratulations.