TODAY   |  October 23, 2012

Clooney or Roker: Who sang “Sweet Caroline” better?

TODAY’s Natalie Morales looks at today’s trending stories, including an impromptu duet between Neil Diamond and George Clooney, Disney’s response to claims that its newest princess isn’t “Latina enough,” and a new canine spoof on Brad Pitt’s Chanel No. 5 ad.

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>>> defending its newest princess against a royal backlash online. it started when a producer described sophia as disney's first latina princess. while critics then said the character didn't look latina enough. well, now, a disney official says all our characters come from fantasy lands that may reflect elements of various cultures and ethnicities. i guess case closed.

>>> humans aren't the only ones spoofing the new channel number 5 commercials reflecting a rambling brad pitt .

>> wherever i fetch, there you are. my wag, my treat, my belly rub. kennel number 5 .

>> the pet collective describes kennel number 5 is the timeless scent for the classically adorable dog.

>>> and anything for a good cause. george clooney , a good sport, when he sang this duet with neil diamond at saturday's carousel of hope charitiy ball in beverly hills . take a listen. so good, so good so good, so good and i've been inclined

>> oh, oh, oh

>> i think al roker set the standard for " sweet caroline "