TODAY   |  October 23, 2012

Actually, Mr. President, Marines still use bayonets

As NBC’s Chuck Todd reports, while it’s true that the U.S. military doesn’t count on bayonets as much as it did a century ago, the weapon is still “actively used” by the U.S. Marines, according to their web site, noting that the rifle attachment as a “weapon of choice when shots can’t be fired.”

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>> reporter: now we know there was a lot of attention to the bayonet lines. while it's true the u.s. doesn't use bayonets as much as they did a century ago a quick search of the marine corps bayonets among the weapons actively used in action. from 500 yards every marine is accurate with a rifle, c-3 bayonet and that weapon becomes as effective and it's a weapon of choice when shots can't be fired.

>> we've got our bayonet trivia this morning. thank you so