TODAY   |  October 17, 2012

Tips for stripping old paint off your deck

Lou Manfredini, the host of “House Smarts,” answers viewers’ questions about how to tackle home improvement projects, offering his advice for easily removing peeling paint from your deck and more.

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>>> ask lou .

>> here with easy tips and treks is our own resident handyman and host of house smart. we love you, lou . good to see you.

>> shall we get started?

>> michelle writes in i have a few doors in my house that will not completely close when the weather changes. what do you suggest to make them close?

>> so houses move no matter how old they are and wood swells and contracts.

>> i have a house like that, too. a lot of wd 40 in my house.

>> what i want her to do is shave the doors.

>> i to that a lot.

>> you can either use a sander like this that will work up and done the doorway --

>> is it a possibility to make it too --

>> all i want to do is take a little bit. this is a dremel tool that has a planer attachment.

>> you're giving hoda that? oh, my lord.

>> go like this. turn it on. right hand here against there.

>> what am i doing?

>> push down and go forward slowly. this is taking about a 16th of an inch off of the door. you can actually do this on the door while it's on its hinges. very nicely done.

>> i had my doubts about this one.

>> so this will work and you want to wear safety glasses . and there's a mask that has a little vent on it.

>> chris has a question about her deck. how do you strip old peeling paint?

>> you use a pressure washer . you can rent it for about $25 for a 24 hour period. it will take you you about a weekend on on do. electric pressure washerses have come a long way. they now have 1800 psi.

>> so this is not water anymore.

>> this is water, but it's not a gas engine . you plug it in.

>> okay.

>> and you need something that has at least 1800 pounds per square inch to be able to clean it. but keep this in mind. this tip, if you get too close to the wood, will poke a hole in it. so you need to take your time as you're going and when you start using a pressure washer , you can't stop, you want to clean everything.

>> so cool.

>> caroline wonders how can you increase the pressure when flushing a toilet.

>> put a mirror in the toilet. 90 respect about of the time the reason the toilet doesn't work is because those holes are clogged. take a coat hanger just like when you go to the dentist and he uses that scraper on your teeth? there's calcium build up in there and the swirling action is there.

>> i wondereded what the mirror was for.

>> so you can see the holes.

>> i thought you were leaving the mirror in there.

>> that's sick.

>> some things in life don't need to be seen.

>> if you scrape all that out of there, it will work much faster. you'll be amazed.

>> save a lot of money from calling a plumber.

>> cindy wants to know when adding a tile back sblash to a kitchen, whatever that is --

>> that's this.

>> can i tile it directly to the painted wall.

>> the back slash in your kitchen. you know, the counter top --

>> why did you want a back splash?

>> because water splashes against it.

>> this is just drywall. tile can go right over painted drywall. this is just tile mastic. those little hairlines are what will hold the tile in place.

>> and make sure you get it straight or it will drive me crazy.

>> actually. and if you you put it in there and you step back, there are little spacers you can use, you grout this, it will stick forever and it looks beautiful.

>> who is better than lou ?