TODAY   |  October 17, 2012

Family, friends remember Jessica Ridgeway at memorial

Thousands attended the service held in Westminster, Colo., to honor the life of 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway, whose body was found days after she disappeared on her way to school. Meanwhile, police continue to search for her killer. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>>> murdered in colorado earlier this month was remembered at a tearful memorial. noebz's miguel almaguer has more from broomfield, colorado . good morning, miguel .

>> reporter: natalie, good morning. as police search for jessica ridgeway's kill, the memorials and tributes for the 10-year-old grow larger every day. last night thousands gathered one more time to say good-bye. a celebration of life, a moving memorial for jessica ridgeway, the fifth grader who never made it to school.

>> jessica was one of the happiest kids i've ever known. she loved to play with the kittens and beat up her cousins.

>> i love you so much.

>> reporter: the 10-year-old who loved her dog always laughed and had that infectious smile and was remembered by thousands in a tearful service.

>> we love you, jessica , and we'll miss you every day.

>> reporter: so many touched by her story, her short life. family, friends and strangers all together to say good-bye.

>> no matter where you sit, it is easy to see how cherished and love our baby girl was.

>> reporter: jessica vanished nearly two weeks ago, abducted as she walked to school, her dismembered body discovered days later in a rural open area seven miles from her home.

>> the phone is still ringing. people are still calling. people still believe they have information that's vital to this case.

>> reporter: tuesday night there was no talk about a suspect. instead, shared heartbreak and overwhelming grief for the little girl who will never come home.

>> i cannot have joy and relief in my heart because she's safe and sound in a place where no one can ever hurt her.

>> reporter: there are no suspects in this case, but police are following thousands of leads. investigators from 12 different agencies are all working together to solve jessica 's murder. natalie?

>> just horrible heartbreak there in broomfield, colorado . thank you, miguel .