TODAY   |  October 15, 2012

Are Chris Brown and Rihanna reconciling?

Bonnier Fuller from and Gossip Gram’s Roseanne Colletti discuss the stories making headlines in Hollywood, such as rumors surrounding Chris Brown and Rihanna getting back together, and Russell Crowe’s split from his wife.

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>>> time for today's buzz, where we get you up to date on hollywood news.

>> here with all the scoop, bonnie fuller , editor and chief of

>> hey, ladies.

>> chris brown and rihanna. what's the final verdict, what's happening?

>> it really has. unapologetic, that's the title of her new album and the attitude she's taking now.

>> what should she apologize for, getting back with him after he beat her up?

>> she said the world will never understand my real relationship with chris brown , so she's very clearly saying i'm moving on.

>> we feel like we got a little taste of it, right?

>> they are definitely back together. chris brown knew he had to choose. i think she must have given him an ultimatum. they agreed to meet in new york, went clubbing three nights in a row, then went to jay-z's concert. that was a big step. there are rumors he's had a talk with chris and said, you got to watch out. don't blow it this time, i'm watching you.

>> what is he, santa claus ?

>> better not watch, better not pout.

>> if this relationship goes badly, he suffers a lot more than she does. her fans will forgive her. they'll feel sorry for her, but they will not forgive him.

>> they were getting together last week at, they had a late-night date, they are both in l.a. however, she is concentrating on the rest of her album, and what we hear is the plan is to go public, actually go out, go public, after she finishes that work.

>> we wish him the best, really, they are both incredibly talented young performers. they are young, that's when you make sometimes stupid choices. if he's really working on his anger management thing, you have to give people a second chance in life. you really do. the thing is, he better be working on it, or he's going to do it again.

>>> news about russell crowe splitting with his wife.

>> yeah, they've known each other 22 years and been together for that amount of time. they have two young sons, an 8-year-old, a 6-year-old. he's been away a lot. he's currently filming noah.

>> long island, of all places.

>> so he's working all the time. there were also rumors this summer she was seen out with her dancing partner on the australian version of " dancing with the stars ."

>> okay. you can be seen about and not be about.

>> apparently, it's going to be a $20 million settlement. that's been the word. he's supposedly worth $60 million. i think $20 million is a nice package.

>> nice, round number.

>>> there's a jonas brothers song out there that has to do with miley cyrus in some way, what's the story object this thing?

>> has to be about miley. it was written by nick jonas . they dated when they were only 15 years old known as niley at that time.

>> they were?

>> yes.

>> we missed that. must not have been reading " tiger beat " at the time.

>> then she announced this summer she's engaged to william hemsworth. and this song, all the lyrics, it's clear.

>> why do adults care about this?

>> who cares?

>> only you two over the age of 21 give a rip.

>> she's going to be on two and a half men.

>> that's what you do in high school , write songs about boys and girls you break up with.

>> and argo second in the box office .

>> that could change, it's a fabulous movie.

>> this weekend, everyone come out.

>> grew up, makes great choices now. has a wonderful marriage and kids. all the best