TODAY   |  October 15, 2012

Shop pink for breast cancer awareness

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, Bahar Takhtehchian of Shape magazine shares a few fun and pink items you can buy, with 100 percent of the proceeds going toward the cause.

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>>> october's breast cancer awareness month, and pink items are offered where 100% of the proceeds go towards fighting breast cancer . the "shape" magazine editor at large joins us this morning. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> found a lot of products out there this morning. a lot to be had, and this is all for a really good cause.

>> that's right. everything on this table. 100% of the net proceeds are going towards a fund or a charity.

>> that's reason to shop.

>> exactly.

>> just tell us who we have here starting off first with the intermats, the black and white briefs and camis.

>> i love them. they are made from cotton, they are comfy and practical. 100% of the proceeds are going towards fashion that trgts breast cancer , a charitable initiative from the cfda so that's a good reason.

>> notice that logo.

>> that's right, and layer these and wear them every single day to the gym as well.

>> ford motor company . we know them for the cars they make. they are getting in on this as well.

>> with clothing.

>> that's right. ford has really been active in the battle against breast cancer , raised $118 million throughout 18 years so ford warriors in pink. cute apparel, scarves, t-shirts.

>> like the affinity scarf.

>> going towards one of four charities. logon to and decide which charity to put your money towards.

>> estee lauder , we know they have been very dedicated to fighting and for breast cancer awareness. this is actually their 20th anniversary for the cause, and they are celebrating with this compact, right?

>> this is a beautiful compact, the dream compact, so you open it up, and it's got a great translucent press powder, great forron the go touchups and this lipstick, 100% of proceeds go towards the breast cancer research which estee lauder founded.

>> they have done so meche. eos also has a lotion and lip balms.

>> very easy to use, they are portable. 6.99 for this duo. 100% of the proceeds are going to memorial sloan-kettering cancer center so a good reason to stay hydrated, and you're giving back as well.

>> great. you can take a shower and also give back in that way as well. tell me about this product. philosophy is making it very easy to shower for the cure. this is a three in one bott. you're getting shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath .

>> wow.

>> just $20.

>> and 100% of these proceeds are going towards the entertainment industry foundation 's women's cancer research fund.

>> great. perfect, and you're going to smell good, too.

>> that's right.

>> and then puma is going pink here with project pink.

>> right. at "shape" of course we love sports, fitness, anything that gets you moving and these were a natural pick for us. $15 and 100% of these proceeds are going towards dr. susan love research foundation.

>> that's great.

>> and then over here the ear buds , these are --

>> this is from avon.

>> avon is really effective in this fight against breast cancer in the past since 1992 , so these ear buds are only $9. wear them to the gym or on the commute if you want to tune out some noises.

>> exactly. finally, last but not least, all girls love shoes, an here's a way to get in on a new pair and a great deal for a good cause.

>> this is a great excuse to buy yourself a new pair of shoes. once again qvc is teaming up with fanny. tune in between 5:00 p.m . and 8:00 p.m . all of these shoes, everything from nine west, to house of harlow, they will be 50% off, and 100% of those proceeds will go towards breast cancer research and education institutions.

>> so you don't have to feel guilty about buyingner pair