TODAY   |  October 14, 2012

‘Law & Order’ star Kathryn Erbe: ‘I miss Eames’

Fans of “Law & Order” will be welcoming back a familiar face in this week’s episode. Kathryn Erbe will guest star, bringing back the character she played for over a decade on “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.”

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>>> " law and order svu " is going strong in its 14th season. this will welcome back a familiar face.

>> yes, bringing back the character she played on " law and order criminal intent " for over a decade now, we are so lucky to have her here with us. katherine, good morning.

>> good morning.

>> so you get this rare opportunity to have this fantastic career as a character, then take a year off and come back and bring the kark tear back. what was that like?

>> awesome. i loved being able to take her over there, with those guys. we had a blast. they are a great group. they are having a great time. and i miss imes an i think people do, they are constantly asking me.

>> we do miss you, both characters. these shows are used to having guest stars on it. what is it like to come with a pretty familiar group of crew members where you are the guest?

>> it was odd. odd. i was very much aware of it being their show and wanting to be a smooth part of the process . and not hold them back in any way.

>> i'm sure you did.

>> we were talking about this earlier, before this monmonsoon hit the plaza here. i had the chance to be on there as a guest star . you feel it is so special. even though you were on a franchise show like this, what was the feeling?

>> i was totally nervous. i haven't said that kind of dialogue no n a long time. now imes is with homeland security . so having to say sex traffickers about 50 times in a row is a tongue twister .

>> you are working with homeland security and you get in the way of one of their investigations.

>> they get in the way of my investigation. i just want it make that clear.

>> oh, okay. yours is much more important.

>> yeah, i would like it think that. but benson didn't agree. so we compromised.

>> you did off camera --

>> on-camera. the two characters get drunk at the end of the show .

>> i was not a part of that.

>> her sifter is here.

>> oh hi, how are you?

>> we should mention, you have a great project. a role you are resurrecting. pat nixon .

>> i'm playing pat nixon . it is a clay called "checkers." and terry kenny directs and it is by an amazing writer. come and see it. it is really an amazing story.

>> will your sister be there?

>> she was there twice yesterday.

>> oh, okay.

>> this is how it works, as your sister.

>> so she should be on this side of the fence.

>> next time.

>> you are putting in your 300?

>> i was wrong, it is october 24. n not 22nd.

>> so and yours is 19th.

>> only two dates you need to know . you just got overshadowed. katherine, thank you so