TODAY   |  October 14, 2012

All in the family: Woman gives birth to grandson

“I had no hesitation,” said Angie Stockton, 45, who gave birth to her grandson after it was discovered her daughter was unable to carry a baby. Stockton said it was worth it just to see the joy and happiness on her family’s faces. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.

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>>> the ultimate form of a mother's love. a grandmother giving birth to her own grandson. it happen feared woman desperate to become a mom but unable to have a child. that's when she turned to her own mother for help.

>> reporter: some day young tucker will be accused of telling a story that sounds unbelievable he will say, meet the woman who gave girth to me. she is my grandmother. but before we explain that, this celebration of life, begins with heartache.

>> my uterus never fully formed so because of that i would not be able to carry.

>> reporter: tucker's mom is 26-year-old krista saxon. she and her husband, trent, wanted to get pregnant but it just wasn't going to happen.

>> i wanted to have that nine months to carry your child and bond with them. that's the mother's job. sorry. it was just hard knowing that i couldn't do that for my child.

>> reporter: which is when krista went on the hunt for a surrogate. an only child, she asked nieces, cousins, friends, then she wondered, what about mom.

>> i nod hesitation. no hesitation whatsoever. wasn't even anything to think about.

>> reporter: odds were again them, but luck was not. her mom at 45 years old was able to carry her grandchild, tucker, to term.

>> krista ended up having one egg so to transfer one egg and it worked the first time and get a baby, that was healthy, was a miracle baby . report all of that, her doctors told her, is a first in georgia history. and now, part of a family story of love and generosity.

>> just seeing the joy and happiness on their faces when he was born, and he was so perfect and it hand it over to them, there is no words to describe it. there's way no way we could ever thank her enough or repay her for what she has given us.

>> reporter: for "today", nbc news, miami.