TODAY   |  October 14, 2012

Orphaned walrus cubs get some TLC

Experts say it’s a minor miracle that walrus orphans Pakak and Mitik are still alive, after being abandoned in the Alaskan wild. Rescued by locals, the orphans are being nursed back to health with bottle feeding, exercise and round-the-clock love. NBC’s Kris Jansing reports.

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>>> two orphan walruses are getting a lot of love these days. they were rescued after being abandoned in the middle of alaska and were carefully nursed back it health. many people will now see how charming they can be.

>> folks who have done it will tell you it is kind of nice snuggling up to walrus cub. they will spoon with you. move furniture for you. and miss you when you're gone. experts say it is a minor miracle that '0350 pound and 234-pound wallaces are still alive to cuddle. orphaned in the wields of alaska , they were rescued by locals.

>> there is a lot of coastline in alaska where there weren't a lot of people. these wallaces are lucky they were found.

>> they have been nursed back to health with bottle feeding, exercise and round-the-clock love. with their warm eyes and wild whiskers, the alaskan orphans have become youtube sensations and are about to bring their charm to a whole new audience.

>> today, they were brought to a zoo and aquarium.

>> it is hard it believe this calf would be here to take in. there are only 250,000 rawalruses left in the wild.

>> he will meet two female roommates mp 17-year-old kulu and nuka, who at 30, is old in walrus years. could they be a love match? produce little walruses? though it would be a may to december romance to be sure. other chapters still to be written under an irresistible expense the odds survival story. nbc