TODAY   |  October 14, 2012

Daredevil to attempt supersonic skydive

Austrian pilot Felix Baumgartner is attempting to break the record for the highest skydive, and become the first human to break the sound barrier without a plane or spacecraft. TODAY’s Tom Yamas reports.

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>>> this is no ordinary skydive. this morning a daredevil is preparing for a plunge over new mexico that could land him squarely in the record books. but he is putting his life on the line.

>> jenna, this is truly amazing. felix bombgartner planes it jum from 20 miles up. breaking a 52-year-old altitude record and the sound barrier in the process.

>> a supersonic free-fall from the edge of space. austrian daredevil felix bomb gartner is attempting to break the record for the highest ever skydive and become the first human to break the sound barrier without a spacecraft.

>> still talking about breaking the speed of sound in an airplane. but a human?

>> if all goes as planned, a balloon will lift felix through the atmosphere in a pressurized capsule at a height of 20,000 feet. bombgartner said he will then just jump.

>> i will slide the door open. bailout. and be the first human person in free-fall to break the speed of sound .

>> 1.2.

>> this is the team's second attempt at the record. the first scrapped when winds exceeded limits on inflating the ultra thin balloon.

>> here would we go, buddy.

>> balmgartner made two tests. one from 72,000, the other from 96,000. but today's jump will break a record that stood for more than five decades.

>> you all ready to go?

>> ways born ready.

>> ? 1960 air force officers joe kitinger jump from just over 102,000 feet.

>> the danger where he is going is the same today as when i did my jump. it hasn't changed a bit.

>> now kitinger is working with balmgartner's team to help felix break his record.

>> to you need a team, good protection, little bit of luck and the right guy to do it. i think felix will do it.

>> felix 's past jumps from become youtube hits, jumping out into caves, across the english channel in a wing suit . but today's attempt could become balmgartner's legacy as the man who jumped from space.

>> now balmgartner's experiment coincides with the 65 pj anniversary of chuck yager breaking the speed of soun in a plane. chuck yager will redo that as well. hopefully one day maybe you guys can reenact