TODAY   |  October 13, 2012

Most popular adult Halloween costumes

Less than two weeks away from Halloween, and some of the funniest adult costumes people are talking about online include sexy Big Bird, the ruined Spanish fresco painting and Honey Boo Boo.

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>>> halloween is a little over two weeks away. we've got a look at the most popular costumes this year.

>> these are just a few of the adult costumes that have made the top of the list. sexy big bird .

>> what is sexy -- oh.

>> that's wrong.

>> big bird in general is in because he became a topic of the last presidential debate. then i love this. the spanish -- remember the woman that tried to fix the painting? that's comedy.

>> micayla maroney is also very popular this year, with the grimacing face. that's pretty easy. you just get a jacket and a meda medal. "toddlers & tiaras." i'm going as honey boo boo .

>> no, you will not. and a chair.

>> you have to have a chair to get it.