TODAY   |  October 13, 2012

Camera-shy mommy blogger: ‘I want to be in the picture’

Like many parents with young children, Allison Tate, a mother of three, was everywhere in her children’s lives but nowhere in their pictures. Tate blogged about pushing herself in front of the lens, and her words have encouraged moms everywhere. NBC’s Rehema Ellis reports.

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>> if you're a parent, you try hard to capture every moment of your children's lives with your camera. but because she was always taking the pictures , one mom blogger says she realized she wasn't in most of her kids' pictures and that's when she started posting.

>> careful.

>> reporter: like many parents with young children, allison tate, a mother of four, was everywhere in their lives, but nowhere in their pictures .

>> i'm not standing in front of the waterfalls with my 8-year-old. i knew i was not in pictures with my kids. i avoid the camera. i know i avoid the camera.

>> reporter: recently at a family party , she had every intention of remaining behind the sceneses.

>> i was kind of a mess. my 5-year-old boy said mommy, come be in the photo booth with me. i'm thinking how does my chin look? do i need to move this way?

>> but i did it.

>> reporter: and that's when it dawned on her. of the thousands of pictures of her kids, she was in almost none of them and she blogged about it for " huffington post ."

>> someday i want them to see me documented sitting right there beside them, me, the woman who gave birth to them. me, who cried when i drove them to preschool. i want to be in the picture to give them that visual memory of me. i want them to see how much i am here, how my body looks wrapped around them in a hug, how much they are loved.

>> reporter: the message went viral, viewed almost six million times. thousands of readers even sent photos and shared their own stories. erin had to dig through 11,000 pictures of her 4-year-old son to find one with her in it. anna sent these pictures of the last mother's day she had with her kids. her 12-year-old son died last year.

>> every once in a while , someone says something and everybody nods and this is one of those posts where allison said something and mothers everywhere nodded.

>> i want them to see the way i looked at them, see how much i love them. i'm not perfect to look at and i am not perfect to love but i am perfectly their mother.

>> reporter: bringing their life into focus in pictures with her kids.

>> very interesting. there was a time -- i mean, i'm a kid of the '70s -- when the whole family would gather and take that family picture and you don't do that anymore. for this mom, obviously, she wanted to avoid the camera. but i love that she's opened her heart and really sparked a conversation.

>> nobody ever uses that little timer thing anymore.

>> and dad's not in it. dad's arm is in it but nothing else.

>> half the face.

>> i like that story a lot.

>>> there's a lot more to