TODAY   |  October 12, 2012

Anthony Bourdain roasted by fellow TV chefs

The outspoken chef and host of “No Reservations” is usually the one delivering the zingers, but he became the target of his fellow chefs at a charity roast last night. He reveals who he think landed the best punches, and dishes on the chefs who annoy him.

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>>> anthony, of course, a huge talent, and he's the first to tell you that. if his ego got any bigger it would look like paula deen 's thighs.

>> a pretty amazing cover, a husband, father, recovering drug addict , stars in multiple tv shows and written best-sellers, in a ramone video. i mean, anthony , is there anything you can't do besides cook?

>> what was for dinner? anthony bure dane , the bad boy of the culinary world who speaks his mind with no reservations getting a dose of his own medicine. a guest of honor at the new york wine and food festival wine and roast with the proceeds for charity. willie , you're with us.

>> you're meaner than i knew.

>> i'll take no responsibility for that paula deen joke. love paula deen .

>> you were just getting started. you're known-for-your caustic tongue and wit. did you get it. did you get burned last night?

>> it was like a prolonged and painful, you know, medical procedure . i had it coming. i knew i had to go through it. it was the right thing to do. we put mario through a similar process a few years back. it was for a good cause, and i also thought there was a serb justice in giving some of the things that i said to rachel and about rachel and guy over the years. i thought they deserved an opportunity to give it back to me.

>> who landed the best punch?

>> actually i think barney mcfarlane was brutal. i mean, just withering. and it was scorched earth . wasn't just me. just took everybody done. she was brilliant.

>> it's supposed to be a roast of you, but i see that a lot of people got it, and willie , had you a couple of mean things you said.

>> are we going to read these here in.

>> i don't have them here anymore.

>> oh, when a shame.

>> about rachel ray , we have people who play chefs on tv, ladies and gentlemen , rachel raye, and guy fiery, what can you say about guy's cooking that hasn't been printed on a packet of cigarettes?

>> these chefs were licking their chops to get after anthony bure dane , after all the books he's written and things he's said in public, rachel ray and guy fiery and through his accent destroying him.

>> anthony , you still have that aserb intongue, and i know you've been pretty critical of paula deen , for in the only the way she cooks, but now you say she's selling diabetes equipment and kind of profiting from that. any regrets about that?

>> no.

>> i'm shocked.

>> look, i -- i was good-natured in the term of rachael and guy and always handled it with good grace. i have less of a severance humor with paula, to be honest.

>> your show is moving to cnn.

>> moving the band over to cnn. we're taking all the cameras, producers, the whole dysfunctional family over there and going to continue what we do just on a bigger and weirder level.

>> all right. anthony bure dane , thanks for coming by and being a good sport about everything.

>> a lot of fun.

>> and willie , learned a little something more about you. i'm