TODAY   |  October 12, 2012

KLG: ‘I’m a wreck’ after dropping puppy

Dog lover Kathie Lee Gifford says she feels terrible for dropping an adorable puppy during a segment on yesterday’s show, explaining the pooch was trying to get away because “that dog did not want to go home with Hoda.”

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>>> should never work with kids or animals? well, take a look at what happens. this is a story involving our own kathie lee gifford . here's what happened in our fourth hour on thursday.

>> puppy needs a bathy.

>> oh, oh, oh.

>> that's what we don't do.

>> puppy took a nosedivy.

>> i'm sorry, honey. i'm sorry.

>> puppy's okay.

>> the puppy's okay. kathie lee and hoda are on the phone right now. kathie lee , have you gotten over this?

>> the puppy is okay, but i'm a wreck.

>> yeah, i know. this was upsetting for you.

>> this is upsetting for me. i have three dogs of my own and adore dogs and have realized what the problem was. the problem is that this dog did not want to go home with hoda.

>> i'm on the phone.

>> he wanted to go back. he knows hoda is looking to adopt a dog, and he -- he knows what her apartment is like, and there's no way.

>> wow.

>> get me away.

>> hoda, looking at your reaction. you really under-react there had.

>> look, i was terrified for that calk when it took that kamikaze dive away from kathie lee . and also claims because he smelled funny which i'll attest to. i'll attest to. it wasn't good.

>> there was an opportunity for you to dive and catch the puppy, and you went in the other direction.

>> that was not a great reaction. i'm kind of embarrassed.

>> kathie lee dropped her like a boxed wine .

>> actually she drinks that, too.

>> i've got to tell you. hoda is right. can you tell how much i love animals because that dog wreaked. he was adorable but he stunk.

>> my dress smelled when i got home.

>> oh, blame the victim, geez.

>> i couldn't love him enough. [ male announcer ] 20,000 btus produce a delicate sear. double-oven range makes dinner and dessert -- at the same time. turbo-charged advantium oven cooks more than twice as fast, in this culinary powerhouse. dan.