Image: Barbra Streisand in concert
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TODAY   |  October 12, 2012

Streisand performs for first time in hometown Brooklyn

Barbra Streisand took the stage for her first performance in her hometown of Brooklyn, New York, as fans clamored for a chance to see one of the world’s top entertainers. NBC's Mara Schiavocampo reports.

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>> one of the world's most successful performers entertaining all around the globe and never in her hometown of brooklyn , until now. nbc's mara schiavocampo is live with more. mara , good morning.

>> reporter: good morning. last night this place was packed with excited fans clamoring for a chance to see streisand 's first ever performance here in brooklyn . of course, she was born and raised here, and until now she had never returned for a show.

>> hello, brooklyn !

>> reporter: it was a homecoming a lifetime in the making. that face

>> reporter: barbra streisand 's first ever performance in her native brooklyn , one fans have waited decades for.

>> i worked my butt off to get tickets for tonight. i'm like, it's brooklyn . her first show here.

>> reporter: coming from all over the world.

>> seriously.

>> reporter: you came just from france?

>> yeah.

>> reporter: including, of course, brooklyn . you were born in brooklyn ?

>> born in brooklyn , went to ps-36.

>> reporter: for the newly erected bark lays center which seats 19,000 a performance for streisand was an obvious choice bringing their most famous superstar home. beneath the moon, the stars

>> when you come back and perform and your family and friends are there, you know, and you're being a star in front of them and, you know, down the street from where you grew up, i mean, that's got to have an extra special allure.

>> reporter: born in 1942 , streisand grew up in the flat flush section of brooklyn .

>> i came from brooklyn . we sat on the stoops. people hung out windows. it was -- there was no air conditioning , you know. it was great.

>> reporter: since then the actress, singer, director has risen to the top of the entertainment world. babs as her fans adoringly call her has won virtually every award there is, including oscars, emmys, grammys and golden globes . but for streisand , who has performed in new york city several times, playing close to home is one of the greatest honors of all as she told "today's" meredith vieira in 2009 .

>> you said tonight you came full circle . this was full circle .

>> mm-hmm, yeah, where i was and where i am, back to the beginning but second time around. memories

>> reporter: returning to an old stomping ground to create new memories. memories

>> reporter: now, that first show sold out so quickly that a second performance was added for saturday. that one also sold out so, savannah, clearly still a diva in demand.

>> mara , did i hear you singing a little bit on that?

>> i got into the spirit