TODAY   |  October 11, 2012

Celebrate fall with delicious spice-glazed pound cake

Looking for an inexpensive and easy sweet treat to serve guests this season? Catherine DeOrio, executive chef at Hillshire Brands, demonstrates how to make a simple pound cake spiced up with an orange glaze.

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>>> this morning in today's kitchen, delicious desserts, pound cake with a spiced orange glaze. sounds yummy. catherine is the executive chef at the hillshire brands. love the pound cake , i don't love the pounds.

>> we're not going to talk about that.

>> not going to talk about that. we won't talk about that exactly.

>> exactly.

>> show you how to make it, enjoy it.

>> it's a pound of sugar, a pound of water. pound of sugar.

>> aren't you excited to talk about it?

>> butter, right?

>> pound of sugar, pound of butter, pound of cake flour.

>> okay.

>> pound of eggs.

>> makes it easy.

>> that would make a huge cake, but that's the original recipe and where the name comes from. this is parchment paper. i've already started, you're going to line it, it's a non-stick pan. the reason i'm doing this to make it easy to lift out.

>> okay.

>> even though it's nonstick --

>> lots of butter in it.

>> lots of butter.

>> we're going to turn this on. i've already creamed some butter here.

>> uh-huh.

>> going to add some sugar. and now we're going to let it go for about three to five minutes. and you're going to want it to look like this.

>> it's going to be fluffy and kind of almost white at this point.

>> and then add the eggs.

>> with extra yolks, which is going to give it the beautiful golden color. if you want, you can pour in the vanilla and water for me, in here.

>> sorry.

>> that's okay.

>> there we go.

>> perfect. it'll end up in there anyway.

>> exactly.

>> in here too.

>> we're going to wait one sec, turn this on. there we go.

>> a lot of steps to the pound cake .

>> it is. they're easy, but there are a lot of steps. slow, steady stream going in. you're going to want to scrape this down. as soon as it's incorporated, it's going to be a loose batter.

>> right.

>> add the salt as i just spilled it on myself. this is a messy day in the kitchen for us. you're going to turn it off.

>> when it's a mess.

>> exactly.

>> so we get this off of here.

>> these things, always hard to figure them out.

>> i'm going to make a little bit of mess in your kitchen so we can move this along.

>> and then you're adding the flour as the last step to the process.

>> going to sift it over that.

>> why is it important to sift it?

>> it's cake flour and it can clump because it's very fine. we're going to do that and you fold it in. do it a little bit at a time. when you fold it, make sure you're scraping the bottom, turning it over.

>> right.

>> then, here it is.

>> finally you've got it in here.

>> exactly.

>> and there we go, 3/4 of the way full.

>> and that delicious, orange dpla glaze.

>> we're going to whisk together some sugar, and orange juice and dump the spices in.

>> orange peel --

>> little orange zest .

>> more importantly, let's dig in, right?

>> what did you top this with over here?

>> caramel.

>> chocolate and caramel.

>> pecans.

>> doesn't get any better than this.

>> thank you. great job.

>>> coming up, we've got kathie lee and hoda. your local