TODAY   |  October 11, 2012

Fainting QVC host: My co-host ‘handled it professionally’

A few moments after QVC host Cassie Slane went on-air Sunday morning, she collapsed toward her co-host Dan Hughes, who continued with the show. She explains what happened and stands up for her co-host, saying “he handled it really professionally.”

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>>> a scary moment that happened on live television over the weekend. qvc co-host kathy had only been on the air a couple of minutes when she started to waver, she patted her chest, and suddenly she collapsed. here's what it looked like at the time. and she is now --

>> you okay?

>> -- with us. kathy, good morning. nice to see you upright, i should say that. how are you feeling?

>> i feel really good. you know, i feel good. i just want to thank everyone who has reached out to me on twitter and facebook. it's been really overwhelming.

>> i know you're a mom, you've got three children, it was early in the morning on sunday. you hadn't had a lot to eat.

>> yeah, i ran out the door, grabbed something quick and went on my way, you know. my daughter was up late that night teething. i have three kids under the age of 4. so as a working mom, you just forget to take care of yourself sometimes.

>> i was going to say, this sounds more like exhausted mom situation more than anything more serious. but just to make everybody feel better, there's nothing bigger going on.

>> absolutely not, no. it's nothing bigger. it went to see the doctor, and everything's okay.

>> for how long did you know you were about to pass out? is this something you were thinking, oh, my god, i'm feeling light-headed, this is not going to go well?

>> i was starting to feel lightheaded, i sat down for a second and gained my composure and i thought i was okay enough to go back on. and the producers and medics there were sort of like, why don't you stay sitting, and i just said no, i think i can finish the segment and i got back up. but obviously that's not what happened.

>> let's clear something up. one of the reasons this went viral is because people were having some fun and in some cases criticizing your co-host there because he went on selling the product. now, explain what was really happening behind the scenes , in his defense.

>> he's one of my really good friends. i think people are envisioning him stepping over my limp body selling products. you know, but in fact, i was being taken care of by two medics, three producers, i told him to please keep going, keep going. i'm fine. you know, he's been in touch with me. i think he handled it really professionally, and he's a very good friend and a good man.

>> so he's taking a little unfair heat as a result of this.

>> yeah. unfair.

>> which raises the question, what would you have done had he passed out?

>> a question matt asks himself daily around here.

>> i don't know, you know, i think it's a really tough situation. i think he was trying not to draw even more attention to it. he didn't want to embarrass me further. so i think he just did the best he could and i've been in touch with him, and he's a good, real professional.

>> is it true until this morning you hadn't rewatched that video?

>> no, my mother and sister saw it, they were crying when they saw it. they said don't watch it, my husband says i don't think you should watch it. and i really haven't.

>> so did you see it as we --

>> i see it, it's -- i lived it, so i don't need to see it.

>> the good news is with youtube, you won't have to see it. you'll never see it again. great meeting you. and i'm happy you're okay.