TODAY   |  October 10, 2012

5 bras to fight muffin tops, enhance cleavage

Style expert Jessica Wells shows how women can enhance their cleavage, fight back fat and tackle their muffin tops by making a few easy and helpful changes to the bras they wear.

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>> now, we are back now with today's style and we are helping you find the right bra with the right fit for you, 'cause it's all about the fit.

>> that's right. if the girls are lopping out of the sides or your bra is giving you cake rolls.

>> enough about me.

>> what are those? then it's time to get a new one. jessica wells is the style expert for soma intimates she has tips on how to fix those every day issues. a lot of women have problems with these kind of issues, don't they?

>> they do we want every woman in america to wear a bra that she feels comfortable in, she els beautiful in and she feels confident in.

>> all right. we are going to put up karen 's picture as she walks out. karen had issuesou say she needed to deal with. what are those?

>> karen has something she called cake roll. she is a professional baker. from aller baking, she was forming something called cake rolls, whi were lumps above and below the bra band.

>> she has on a bra now taking care of that business p.

>> that's right. this bra is completely seamless.

>> wow. look at the back on that.

>>> it really smooths her back. what i love about this, is no matter what your size, who doesn't want a smooth silhouette in their clothing?

>> wow. i like t.

>> impressed she is willing to come out here and --

>> go girl.

>> go girl. you know what yeah. you look great. thanks.

>> beautiful bra.

>> thank you. thank you.

>> all right.

>> okay.

>> takes a lot of guts.

>> you're right. jessica is next. here is her before picture. she is a new mom. you think her bra was too big for her, right?

>> right. so jessica just had a baby four months ago, she looks great but after the baby, she went in and just picked out a bra, she did not get a professional bra fitting so what happened is she picked a bra that was actually too big. so, we put her --

>> what is she wearing?

>> wearing a size-slimming bra. this isn't a push up, it is a push front t really smooths her sides and fits her perfectly. no more gaping in the cups.

>> i like that gaping in your cups, it's too big?

>> probably too big.

>> all right. got it.

>> thank you.

>> thank you. shannon is next and her issue is unique. she was using sports bras, right?

>> instead of wearing a regular bra, you mean?

>> shannon is a recent grad and a professional and wearing sports brass every day to work.

>> yeah.

>> so she would wear these beautiful suits with a sports brunderneath. as you can see it didn't fit her that well but worried because she was concerned about spilling out. a lot of women have that concern.

>> now she doesn't.

>> show us your new bra.

>> oh. she is getting into it.

>> yeah. shannon is in a full coverage bra. and what this bra does is it gives her the coverage she needs so it is smooth under clothes and not spilling out. guess what it is really, really comfortable, she can wear it all day long.

>> why you were wearing sports brass, also, because of the comfort?

>> very comfortable.

>> you are not miked. where could we put it?

>> thank you. my favorite barbara, just saying, a grandmother of six. she is last newlywed and wearing a bra worn out. women have i you go in the drawer and pull the same bra out.

>> barbara wearing the same bra for the last five years.

>> yeah.

>> what was happening, it wasn't giving her the lift or the support that she needed.

>> hi, bush bra.

>> you go girl.

>> she is last new bride. so, that bra was definitely unfit forlove. so we wanted to put her in something that gave her the lift and support so we put her in a minimizer style what is great, if you are a c cup or above, you can men fit from a minimizer.

>> thank you, you look great, hon.

>> terrific.

>> last is carla. her before picture. yeah. so tell us what she needed to do differently.

>> car virginia a fashionista, she has a lot of different styles in her wardrobe and so what we put her in is a multiway bra, wearing the same exact gray bra every single day.

>> for any outfit?

>> any outfit. she can wear this under a halter, wear it with something strapless, versatility. it also gave her a little pushup she wanted a little bit more cleave van. this bra does the trick r

>> bring our lovely ladies out.

>> you guys look good, very brave. you look great.

>> you do lovely. i hope you get a date.