TODAY   |  October 10, 2012

Design a playroom for the whole family to enjoy

When it comes to decorating, Bob and Cortney Novogratz have worked on everything from townhouses to a tree house. They chat about how to create a playroom that’s fun for both kids and adults.

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>>> well, when it comes to decorating robert and cortney novogratz have designed everything from townhouses to treehouses. in their new book "home by novogratz" the duo offer ideas for homes. today it's all about budget ideas for your play room. bob, cortney and the gang are here, including five, hey, five, catch me high five. gh five from five. good to see you.

>> hi, tamron.

>> you've got children, t youngest 3 years old.

>> and our old set 15.

>> so quite the range, and your idea of putting this room together so everyone can enjoy is pretty accessible.

>> definitely. listen, we believe in television, but i think when it comes to like a play room or a family room , you should get rid of the tv and definitely bring in the art, whether it's creativity with arts and crafts or musical instruments .

>> hi.

>> this is minimum wager.

>> major, he's the youngest but he's the minimum wager. love that.

>> for sure.

>> but i think a lot of parents need to tap back into their childhood.

>> but you've got two girls and one, two, three, four are five boys. how do you make it gender friendly as well?

>> well, definitely. listen, we expose our boys to paint because their mom loves paint the. i love paint.

>> just blend it in so everyone can enjoy. let's launch into some of the ideas. first up, you say ditch the lazy boy and go for something comfortable. you've got a purple beanbag.

>> our five boys love to wrestle so if you have furniture like this piece like a beanbag, easy for them to wrestle and also great for teenagers or a 3-year-old.

>> still looks very chic. comfortable and chic. your kids love to hang out. this wallpaper is very interesting. what is this about?

>> this is actually real wallpaper, we let the kids draw on it and it's their space. not so wored about the wall and when it gets done we put new paper up there.

>> take a shot of it.

>> know how to put a kid in place.

>> i'll put the hall family. we've invaded your spot.

>> wife it off and go. are you jealous of my artwork? i didn't think you were. let's move on to the table here. i love this. this is actual duct tape .

>> our daughter bellamy made me a duct tape wallet a few years back.

>> really?

>> and the great thing is most stores sell amazing colors in duct tape so i think you need to allow your kids to draw on the wall from time to time, take risks and be creative so give them a little freedom to duct tape an old chair.

>> and i skipped over this, freedom includes having a lot of things to play with. great bowls, markers, crayons, the pencils, everything.

>> it's all about creativity.

>> pablo picasso once said we're all born as children. the challenge is staying one as an adult so we try to expose our kids to asuch art and creativity as possible.

>> is that batman or is that me?

>> that's batman.

>> and who is night wing?

>> he's robin before he's batman.

>> oh, i didn't know that.

>> very confusing these days.

>> learned everything. thank you. such a smart kid and last but not least, a lot of parents avoid having drums in the house. you see these at toys "r" us. sorry i'm standing in front of you.

>> we have a lot of music. don't have a lot of noise in the house with seven kids so we figured why not get more noise and drums.

>> that's the only instrument allowed in.

>> we have pianos, two pianos, drums, guitar.

>> is that an an instrument?

>> if they are sleeping, they give you the brush to drum with.

>> you can drum at my house. in fact, you know what, i hear that you're ready to take us to break, and your name is breaker? so you ready to break it down.

>> yeah.

>> okay. here we go, one,