TODAY   |  October 10, 2012

Willie Geist named co-host of third hour of TODAY

The big guy is officially joining the TODAY family as a host of the 9:00 hour, and says he’s “thrilled” to work every day with the rest of the TODAY anchors, “even Kathie Lee and Hoda.”

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>> tell you we have some very exciting family news here, because after years of speculation, willie geist , who you know from " morning joe " and way too early over on msnbc is officially joining the family as the official host our third hour.

>> thank you. i'm humbled. thinking about coming over here, 60 years of "today" show history going back to david garroway and to be a small part of that it's humbling. can't wait to work with all of you, you and al and kathie lee and hoda. i couldn't be more thrilled.

>> you are a talented guy, but also i think what we've all come to know over the last couple of years here an awfully nice guy . appreciate it.

>> appreciate t.couldn't get an umbrella on my first day.

>> holding my arm up too long.

>> when do you start?

>> november the 12th, monday after the election.

>> great.

>> great to have you on board.

>> happy to have you, willie.