TODAY   |  October 10, 2012

Junkman returns bonds worth $114K to owner

NBC’s Andrea Canning reports from Massachusetts where a Boston-area junkman discovered an envelope stuffed with 1970s era savings bonds worth $114,000 and returned it to its rightful owners.

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>> you stories of people who make wrong choices, but this morning we have one about a man in boston or near boston who did the right thing. nbc's andrea canning has details on that. good morning, good to see you.

>> good morning, matt. there are good people out there in the world. we'll call this story the opposite of finders keepers losers weepers. leo has a business hauling away people ejunk and occasionally he finds something work keeping but when he found an envelope stuffed with 1970s era savings bond this man showed he had a heart of gold .

>> a kind of knock out the door that makes for great tv.

>> the envelope, there was 22,000 $250.

>> this weekend he delivered nearly $115,000 to brother and sister joe and marie larosa.

>> i almost fell backwards. good thing that my brother was with me. i was in shock.

>> it's like hitting the lottery, you kn. it will change your life.

>> reporter: by law this junk man owns everything he puts on his truck, but after cleaning out the velosa's house he made a find he couldn't help imagine holding on to.

>> there were 22,300 worth of savings bonds.

>> reporter: issued in 1972 with inflation, the savings bond are now worth over $114,000.

>> we news our faith in humanity that honest people are out there. it was very nice of him to bring them back.

>> 400.

>> 5.

>> yeah, sold.

>> reporter: there's a growing number of reality shows reeling in audiences with the breathtaking prospect of big dollars hidden in ordinary nk. looking to cash in on his own potential for reality stardom he recently had a camera crew finding him around in hopes of landing a show, but this is his best material yet.

>> this is the craziest. we found confederate money , gold coin , some watches, and this was -- this tops it all.

>> reporter: with a flair for showmanship he made the delivery with local tv his production crew and newspapers in tow, a bit of grandstanding maybe, but certainly a story worth watching.

>> so heartwarming to return something like that, you know. in this economy everyone needs extra money.

>> at today's value with interest, $113,954! you just hit the lottery.

>> reporter: their mother died a year ago and the saves bonds are all in her name. marie and joe say this is her way of staying in their lives. made it tough my first day.

>> did want to welcome you beforehand and make you more nervous but now that the piece is over, great to have you here at nbc.

>> what an honor it is to be here. thanks for having me and letting me be part of your family.

>> so happy to have you, andrea.

>> watch out for this one.

>> i know this one.

>> just ahead, the duchess of