TODAY   |  October 09, 2012

Hulk Hogan: My new wife is ‘rattled’ over sex tape

Wrestling icon Hulk Hogan says that his life has been turned “totally upside down” over a sex tape that has been released online. He also tells TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb about his new venture as general manager of “TNA Impact Wrestling.”

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>>> we are back on this tuesday with more of "today." and world wrestling icon hulk hogan , the man behind hulk-o-mania. can't keep the hulk down.

>> his role as general manager of tna wrestling . the hulk has a lot to contend with, besides other sweaty men.

>> that's an understatement.

>> first of all, you're an old friend of ours, and we love you, but we have to discuss the elephant in the room . there is a sex tape .

>> yes, there is.

>> that was out. looks like it was shot --

>> hoda looked at it.

>> i had to. tell us when it was shot, when the tape came out, if you had anything to do with it.

>> first of all, i had no idea there was a camera in the room. there was a very, very low point. i'm not making excuses, i was accountable, i was the guy, i was there, i made the choice. it was at a really low point in my life when i was in a previous marriage when things were bottomed out completely, and i was with some friends and made a wrong choice and now all of a sudden it surfaces, you know, over six years later. and it's just appalling. it's totally flipped my new life and new role upsidedown.

>> you're newly married.

>> yes, and you know, it's, for me, i'm going full blown to try to figure out who did this to me and why.

>> you don't know yet?

>> i have no idea someone put a camera in the room.

>> was it a hotel room ?

>> no, it was a friend's house. there are no excuses. if anybody is accountable for my actions, it's my. i always have been. it was just a bad choice and a low point.

>> the only person's opinion that really matters, though, baby, is your wife. is she doing okay?

>> my children.

>> you're right. how are they doing?

>> they are fine. they know me. they understand. they were part of that past life and that situation i was in. they know what i was going through and what was going on in a daily basis. my new wife, jennifer, is rattled to say the least. she's not part of this media life or anything.

>> she doesn't deserve this.

>> it's something that has devastated me. i've never been through anything on this level.

>> just so we're clear, at the time this happened, you weren't married and she wasn't married.

>> i hadn't even met jennifer at the time.

>> you've had a big, big change in your life spiritually as well since then.

>> i had the bottom out.

>> past is past, buddy.

>> it's true. and i did have to bottom out completely to realize how beautiful life is and this is the only moment, you know, the whole thing. for something like this to come up, for somebody to film something like this, what's the motivation?

>> the betrayal of it, too.

>> yes.

>> obviously, financial incentive for someone, you know?

>> wound up on gawker and stuff. i'm sure it will come back when we figure out some more. tell us about, you have a new venture. what is it, what is this new thing you're doing?

>> why are we in a ring?

>> i've got a couple, and i'm still the general manager of impact wrestling, and we have a huge pay per view this weekend and we're on every thursday at 8:00 p.m ., a new time slot on spike, but i'm also a small business owner, which is really something unusual for me. i've never done it before. i opened a little beach shop right where i live.

>> tampa area, clear water ?

>> clear water beach, hogan's beach shop. i'm making the transition from the world's greatest wrestler to the world's greatest beach bum a la surfer. our grand opening is the 27th of october, but it's just amazing how loyal the fans are and how nice people are. opening a little teeny store, it's so small, it's amazing, people are calling from all over the world to come by.

>> we know you have some of the best wrestling moves, we're not dressed.

>> oh, no! not another challenge, oh, my god. okay. i'm tapping out. i'm tapping out.

>> just had surgery, sara.

>> you're worried about me?

>> you seem too good looking to attack people like that.

>> what do you think of her whole get up?

>> i didn't see her coming, i about had a heart attack .

>> that was the strategy. i didn't have much of a chance in size.

>> thank you for coming to see us.

>> the man did not need anymore surprises.

>> holy smokes.

>> we're going to be right back after this.

>> we love you, buddy.

>> thank you.

>> i didn't hurt you, did