TODAY   |  October 09, 2012

Boy who says he saw heaven has new book

Two years after the release of the best-selling book, “Heaven Is for Real,” telling the story of Colton Burpo’s near-death experience at age 4, Colton, his dad, Todd, and his mom, Sonja, speak about their second book, a devotional called “Heaven Changes Everything.”

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>>> what is your idea? two years ago the book " heaven is for real" answered the question for some folks telling the true story of colin burpo's near-death experience and now the family is out with another book called " heaven changes everything." colton is here with his mom and dad . welcome, guys.

>> thank you.

>> colton , you're in eighth grade. you followed up with a kids version. this is a devotional and meant to be read every day for folks or as much as possible. what is in this book that you found that i didn't put in the other two?

>> well, in this new book we explain a little bit more of my experience to heaven , and also it talks about some of the experiences that we've had on the road sharing our story with people that have heard it, and it has changed their lives.

>> and so what do you want people to get from this book? what's the goal here?

>> well, heaven , it can change your life completely.

>> mm-hmm.

>> and there's nothing you can do about it. all you have to do is accept it.

>> and is it in a sense, and i throw this out to you guys as well, i guess depending on who you are and what you worship heaven is a different thing. is it meant for people to draw from that experience from what -- from where they come about the idea of heaven ?

>> i think, you know, for us, we can only share about what our son saw, what we saw and what we experienced, how god brought us through a really difficult time, and we've had many people ask us questions. if colton said is true what is do this mean and how does it affect your lives? people really need hope and heaven is really the only hope that lasts.

>> but in a sense, so many people have found comfort in this story, but do you sometimes feel a little bit of a burden that people are looking to you for answers?

>> i think we are -- it's kind of a challenge for us, but yet we've taken on what god has given us, and people are coming to us and that were also important towards jesus, and i think this is a comfort to know that there,isn't the end and that there's something beyond us and there's hope in heaven .

>> todd, you're the pastor in town and still a volunteer fire fighter , and sonia, of course, you work in a local real estate office. colton , you're in eighth grade now. you know, being that vocal about your faith, sometimes that -- that takes a certain amount of courage. do you find comfort in that faith that allows you to actually go out and in a sense preach this -- this gospel of heaven ?

>> well, i'm happy that, yeah, i have the courage so that i can share my story with other people so i can be able to see them in heaven with me.

>> and what do you say to folks who say, you know, look, you've kind of in a sense turned this into a brand, like there's supposedly a move coming out. by the way, who do you want to play you?

>> that is a hard question to answer, let me tell you. i keep telling him don't show them my picture, maybe that will help, i don't know. you see, people think that this is easy steps for us to take. well, we're used to small town in nebraska. we didn't write this to change our lives. we just wrote this to help other people but people keep asking. we need more answers. we need more hope, and i think god has really put the wind underneath the cells of this, something that we never even thought would happen.

>> well, it's obviously touched a whole lot of people, and we're looking forward to the followup. so good to see you. colton , sonia and sean, thank you so much. " heaven changes everything" out in bookstores