TODAY   |  October 07, 2012

‘The Princess Bride’ celebrates 25 years

Since its release in 1987, “The Princess Bride” has resonated with generation after generation due in large part to its memorable one-liners. The film’s director, Rob Reiner, told TODAY’s Lester Holt, “It's stood the test of time and people love it.”

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>>> the cult classic the " princess bride " is now 25 years old. inconceivable? definitely not. i recently caught up with the film's director and cast. they spilled a few secrets from the set. take a look.

>> never go in against the civilian when death is on the line.

>> since its release 25 years ago, the " princess bride " has resonated with generation after generation due in large part to its memorable one-liners.

>> have fun storming the castle .

>> no more rhymes now, i mean it. anybody want a peanut.

>> my name is montoya.

>> you can killed my father, prepare to die.

>> directed by rob reiner and based on william goldman 's 1973 novel "the princess bride " is a love story with a twist.

>> is this a kissing book?

>> wait, wait.

>> the low budget film hit theaters in 1987 . it didn't do so well at the box office but quickly became a cult classic . inconceivable.

>> inconceivable.

>> from just a business standpoint, was there some disappointment when the box office receipts first came in?

>> i don't want to turn this into "the wizard of oz" because when it came out it was a failure, also, and now of course it's a big classic .

>> people named their children westley and it became this iconic film each year that passed.

>> robin wright was passed as princess butter can cup. cary elwes play ed her beloved westley. one of the pieces of trivia said you wanted more takes with the final kissing scene so you could be with cary .

>> yes. that is true.

>> i think that was me actually. that was me.

>> and, robin, i have to wonder, did any chemistry develop between you and cary on the set? nothing?

>> i mean, please. she showed up --

>> we did. we were so attracted to each other.

>> in the first few days of filming they encountered mishaps on set. accidental fires.

>> set her on fire and cary had to put it out.

>> the flames came right up her dress. she was very brave about it.

>> to getting stuck in quicksand.

>> yes, we suffocated for a few minutes. that was the second day of shoot i ing.

>> another little known secret, the rodents of unusual size , director rob reiner voiced the part himself.

>> when cary is fighting the rodents in the fire swamp -- i did all this. i got a microphone and i said, okay, let's do it. i'm doing all this stuff, and i finish and i'm like, my voice is shot. and the guy says, oh, my god, i'm sorry. what? i forgot it to roll record.

>> no, i did.

>> you see? you see? my best acting.

>> the all-star cast included the late andre the giant , perfect for the part, at least physically.

>> i just want you to feel you're doing well. i hate for people to die bad .

>> when he first came to the audition, i didn't understand a word he said. it's not like you throw a stick and 50 giants showed up. i sent him the part and he learned it by rote.

>> he trained for months to perfect the fencing scene with cary elwes .

>> there's something you don't know.

>> what is that?

>> i am not a fencer.

>> we perfectly left that great scene until the end of the movie so they could train all the way through the making of the picture, it was about08 days. he and i trained pretty hard.

>> billy crystal brought the set down.

>> he ad-libbed a lot. where he goes true love is the greatest thing in the world except for a nice mlt.

>> when the mutiny is nice and lean and the tomatoes ripe. i love that.

>> that has stood the test of time and people love it. what i love is that people come up to me who saw it when they were kids who now have kids and are telling me that their kids love it, so that's the greatest feeling in the world.

>> everybody i told i was going to do this interview they started quoting lines immediately.

>> yep. 25 years it's been. that's something else. it's inconceivable.