TODAY   |  October 05, 2012

American Airlines to fix loose seats

American Airlines has ordered 48 Boeing 757 planes to be grounded and repaired after the company said it had found the cause behind several seats coming loose during flight. NBC’s Tom Costello reports.

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>> has been forced to cancel more flights this morning after it took 48 boeing 757s out of service to readdress the problem with those loose seats. nbc's tom costello covers aviation for us. tom, good morning.

>> reporter: hi, natalie, good morning. american said it had to cancel 50 flights yesterday, another 44 today after it ordered those 48 planes to stay on the ground last night while it reexamines and then fixes the possible with those loose seats. the airline says its mechanics now believe that they have discovered the real problem that caused some seats to come loose, something called the seat lock plunger mechanism. really, it's a pin and lock system that got stuck in the unlocked% on some planes. american blames wear and tear and even spilled soda over the arir for that problem. they inspected and last night pulled those planes because of the pin and lock mechanism. it now is going to put them back into service very slowly. american hopes to have the repairs completed by saturday, but thousands of passengers will likely be inconvenienced again today. natalie.

>> all right. tom costello, covering the story for us. thanks,