TODAY   |  October 05, 2012

How has debate changed White House race?

As agreement spreads that the president missed a major opportunity at the first debate, MSNBC’s Ed Schultz discusses its effect on the race and what Obama will need to do in the next debates.

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>> you. ed schultz is the host of "the ed show" on msnbc.

>> good morning, savannah.

>> you're a supporter of the president, your viewers are a supporter of the president. i think everybody in the political spectrum believed he slipped wednesday night.

>> they can't miss the mark again. the margin of error, winning or losing in this campaign or this election is so tight right now, he just can't do it. i mean, there's been such an effort to suppress the vote. those people are now energized after what they saw the other night. the president's team has to bounce back, get on message, be aggressive. you know, talk radio across america people were disappointed. they were frustrated. they saw the perfect opening. i got a phone call from a lady yesterday in pennsylvania who said that, you know, when i'm sitting at home and i know the material better than the president, something owes wrong.

>> it's a question of whether he fought back on substance. there's also the issue of style. people said he seemed checked out, not really present, not engaging. what do you think was going on?

>> there were so many lies coming across the stage and so many inaccuracies it was hard to decide which one he wanted to protect first. the president's personality is he's bookish, likes to explain things. not somebody that will put things in a two or three-line thing.

>> sounds like you're making excuses for the president.

>> look back at president obama , the interviews he does, he like to get details. he's not had as many debates as mitt romney . romney knows where president obama is weak. woman any went in there from the opening answer the other night, he was aggressive. he was the guy in the board room , the corporate shark, knew how to get this audience done and was going to run over everybody. i think that might play to his disadvantage in the long run.

>> let me ask you about the 47% remarks. mitt romney said on fox the other night he thinks they were completely wrong, those remarks. initially he stood by them. do you see a larger change in strategy in the romney campaign?

>> it is mandatory. he can't go to ohio and explain the 47% without correcting that. this is definitely a redirect on the part of the campaign, and they are doing it at the right time. they are doing it -- this is actually the most momentum that mitt romney has had throughout this whole campaign. this is the perfect time to make that correction, but are people going to believe it? that's the question.

>> very quickly, what do you think president obama does for the next debate? do you think he'll be more aggress sniff is there a danger of overcompensating now?

>> he has to forget that. he has to go right at it. he has to be detailed, has to be aggressive. the thing that's so frustrating i think for liberals is they know that the president has accomplished a lot without any help from the republicans. that's a fact. that's not attacking your opponent.

>> ed schultz , good to get your perspective this morning.

>> thank you, savannah.

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