TODAY   |  October 04, 2012

Take a trip to the Big Easy with po’boys

Chef Chuck Hughes of the Cooking Channel demonstrates how to make one of New Orleans’ most famous dishes, whipping up fried cod po’boys with homemade tartar sauce.

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>>> back now at 8:51 with "today's" kitchen, what's for dinner? and this morning, out with a new cooking channel series. he travels to find the best food in america.

>> i was just working on the flowers.

>> all right.

>> that's our garnish.

>> so you're canadian, but you travel around to sample american food . did you learn a lot?

>> i learned so much. and i think that's the beauty of this show is i pick a street in a city, not necessarily the street you would think, and, you know, eat my weight down the street, literally. from street food to high end to low end . anything that's interesting. you know, you get to learn a little bit more about your own backyard and that's the beauty of it. you don't have to go so far sometimes to discover something great, new, authentic and real.

>> we're making something from new orleans today. the pull boy.

>> i went to new orleans .

>> can i point out? you've added some ink in honor of our cooking segment. you have a new cod tattoo.

>> cod, there you go.

>> ready to travel.

>> there you go. so, you know, normally this is done with oysters in new orleans , but you can make it with pretty much anything. shrimp, whatever you have. he had really, really fresh cod, so why not? and that's the beauty of it. and that's the theme behind the show is, you know, i eat the street, but different cities in america will have their different versions of their sandwiches or snacks and what not. so this is kind of one of those things where you can, you know, have this in new orleans , but really anywhere in the u.s. you'll have a version of it.

>> cod is good too because it'll hold together a little better for the sandwich?

>> you can use any white fish , halibut, cod, snapper, whatever. for my batter, flour, salt, cayenne.

>> yep.

>> drop that in there.

>> little beer.

>> little beer. why not?

>> what does it add besides flavor?

>> it obviously adds flavor, but it givens you that leavenning effect. is that good?

>> yeah.

>> once again, you know, it's all about consistency. and you want to -- you want to cook with your eyes, as well. if it looks like it's too thick, then you've got to fix it up. you add a little bit more beer, more water.

>> you want to get all the lumps out?

>> yeah, but you don't want to stir it too much because you don't want to -- you want to keep those bubbles from the beer. so batter is good to go.

>> put this guy in there.

>> fish, season, salt and pepper .

>> i'll do that.

>> yeah?

>> yeah.

>> all right. get that in there. you can either serve this on baguette or a nice roll or a bun depending where you are.

>> that's going to make it local if you use your own bread.

>> can i throw it in there?

>> yeah, throw it in there.

>> in the oil.

>> maybe not throw it right in there.

>> yeah, careful.

>> gently deposit it. beauty.

>> nice.

>> now with the bread.

>> so there's trael no secret here, bread, butter, hey.

>> pretty much a match made in heaven. you can go with baguette, any kind of local bun that you have that's fresh, that's good.

>> hi, how are you?

>> everybody's here.

>> how long does this stay in?

>> that'll stay in for about 2, 2 1/2 minutes until it's cooked nice, crispy, golden brown .

>> now we're going to make a tartar sauce . something different in here which is arugula.

>> i'm a lost cause. the menu's all over here. mayonnaise, you don't have to put it all in, but i like it nice and chunky, you've got pickles diced up, capers, shallots and anchovy, and you know, i want it to be --

>> chunky.

>> very, very chunky. i might have went overboard here with the arugula.

>> let's be honest, i have a little problem. but it's still, you know what? that's the beauty of cooking and this is how it works.

>> ten seconds, tell us about the --

>> well, if you live in new orleans , you've got to have pecans, baby. and this is my mom's famous maple syrup pecan pie that's delicious, runny, gooey.

>> thank you so much. now your local news.