TODAY   |  October 04, 2012

Steve Irwin’s kids following in dad’s footsteps

Six years after the crocodile hunter’s shocking death while snorkeling, his children, Robert, 8, and Bindi, 14, are carrying on his animal-loving legacy. They share memories of their dad, and show off a few of their favorite animals at the Australia Zoo.

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>>> back now at 8:15. steve irwin , the famed crocodile hunter made his name with up close encounters with the world's most dangerous creatures. and six years after his tragic death, his children are carrying on his work.

>> reporter: call it reptile initiation. one large crocodile fed by one small boy.

>> it's kind of funny watching it how they're striking up. it was pretty fun.

>> reporter: this isn't just any 8-year-old, it's robert irwin . who got his first introduction to crocodiles as a baby in the arms of dad, steve irwin .

>> you done remember this, but you came in this when you were just 1-month-old and your dad brought you in here and he lifted you up like this for that lion king moment to show everyone the new baby. wasn't that a great day? so mommy and daddy got home that night. we were on the nbc "today" show.

>> many say he went too far.

>> reporter: it was a moment that would become infamous.

>> and some people said it was one of the dumbest things they'd ever seen.

>> the crocodile hunter apologized.

>> i'm sincerely sorry i scared people. i'll make sure that never happens again, mate.

>> but terri irwin said her husband was wounded.

>> he was so hurt with the fallout of the media. he said more than anything he wanted to be a good dad and he loved his kids.

>> and now his kids are the wildlife warriors .

>> you try one.

>> whoa!

>> i love all crocodiles, alligators. yeah, they're definitely my favorite. i love lizards and snakes, as well.

>> isn't he beautiful? he's got his mouth open.

>> big sister bindy says her favorite is the australian version of a porcupine.

>> aren't they funny animals ?

>> six years after steve irwin 's death from a sting ray barb while snorkeling, his australia zoo is thriving. there's even an animal hospital . the zoo is also home to terri and the children when they're not filming in australia or hollywood. bindi has her own tv show just like dad.

>> they're very cute. we just love them.

>> and here he is.

>> my dad was honestly my hero. i looked up to him. and i think it's extraordinarily important to make sure that his message continues.

>> it needs to be quicker.

>> i first met terri and steve back in 1997 chasing deadly and fierce snakes in the outback.

>> oh, see that "s" position he's in now?

>> feel like two chips off the old block?

>> bindi is so much like steve in that she's very tough on the outside and soft on the inside and not many people knew that about steve . and robert you just look at him and go, yep, that's steve .

>> what do you want to do when you grow up?

>> i'd like to carry on in my dad's footsteps and keep the zoo going.

>> and 14-year-old bindi agrees.

>> if one man can make a difference, you can make a difference, we can all make a difference.

>> reporter: for "today," sarah james , nbc news, australia.