TODAY   |  October 04, 2012

Facebook CEO: ‘I have one drawer at home’

He may run a huge company, but away from his day job, Mark Zuckerberg tells Matt Lauer in an NBC News exclusive that he has only one drawer at home for storing his 20 identical gray T-shirts and reveals how he and wife Priscilla Chan pulled off the surprise wedding of the year.

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>> everything just simple besides that. i mean, my lifestyle is extremely simple. i wear the same thing every day, right? if you could see my closet --

>> you have 12 of those t-shirts.

>> probably about 20. and my wife has a bunch of stuff, her drawers are primarily scrubs for the hospital, and i get one drawer.

>> are you telling me at home you have one drawer of a wardrobe closet?

>> like men everywhere.

>> not this guy. i've got a slightly bigger closet.