TODAY   |  October 03, 2012

‘World’s greatest dad’ strikes again with TODAY set photo

Dave Engledow, who became famous online for photos sarcastically showing why he’s the greatest dad, releases a new photo of him and his 21-month old daughter Alice Bee reviewing the tape of the TODAY show after she got a little rowdy on TV. TODAY’s Natalie Morales reports.

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>>> the self-proclaimed world's best dad is at it again. davengedow and his 20-month-old daughter have become famous online that show sarcastically why dave 's the greatest dad. after their appearance on her show last week where alice bee got a little rowdy with the new found stardom and dave struck again with this picture. in it reviewing the tape of our show and dave is requiring the to the to study up and write an essay about how to comport herself on national tv . boy, those teen years are going to be rough. it's 7:05. right