TODAY   |  October 02, 2012

Consumer Reports reveals best products of 2012

Don’t know which washing machine or television to buy? Mandy Walker of Consumer Reports shares the magazine’s top picks for the best appliances, electronics, and food products of the year so you can shop with confidence.

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>>> "today's consumer," ultimate cheat sheet, " consumer reports " is out with its best products of the year list from appliances to food and wine. a senior editor with " consumer reports " is here with an array of the top picks. hey, mandy, good morning.

>> good morning.

>> people have such interest. let's start here.

>> with the small washer and dryers from lg.

>> " consumer reports " spends $4 million on all these products, buying all these things.

>> shipping them all. most come to our yonkers office. 500 labs there to test the items. these washers and dryers did really grooet great in our test. around $1,000. very large capacity. both of them. lots of different settings on the washer, and did a super job of cleaning clothes, which is what count. the dryer in particular did a great job. most of the dryers we test in fact do. but this is super kwai

>> how do you decide what to put on the list in the first place?

>> use items the way consumers use them. want to test things that are important to them and really put them through their paces so we do it exponentially.

>> this is the kenmore intuition upright vacuum. what does that mean?

>> $250. the upright as opposed to a canister and has no bags. easy to empty, and did a great job on bare floors and carpets but super great at picking up pet hair. pet owners, take note.

>> large-screen tv.

>> 55-inch samsung, a great picture and great high-end features like the ability to control it with hand movements and gestures.

>> oh, really.

>> super.

>> 3-d glasses, too.

>> and 3-d glasses.

>> let's move over here, talking about e-readers here, so this is the ipad.

>> this is the tablet.

>> and some other ones.

>> the ipad 3. got the best display we've seen on the tablet. really super great, surprisingly long battery life , but a little less expensive is the nexus, the nexus, the google nexus 7. also some great features, really durable screen, and surprisingly lightweight.

>> and this from barnes & noble , right, the nook.

>> only $100.

>> and it's one of the best e-readers we've tested. really great display, really easy to use, fast page turners, if you've got a page turner.

>> let's talk cameras here. advanced camera, advanced nikon.

>> slr camera .

>> popular with shutterbugs as well.

>> a lot of great feefs, takes really great pictures and really good video, but it's surprisingly lightweight and could be great for travel.

>> this has gps and preservable.

>> waterproof. real point and shoot. real easy and less expensive as well.

>> speaking of gps.

>> for travel.

>> this garmin device.

>> this is one of the best gpses we tested. very easy to read and navigate with it, and it's got lifetime map updates and traffic reports .

>> all right. moving on to the laptop.

>> yeah.

>> we know about this is the macbook pro , 15-inch, $2,200 but you also like this hp pavilion .

>> less expensive and still lightweight. both of them, great displays, one of the fastest we've tested. great features on the hp pavilion as well. really durable frame.

>> these are streaming players, right?

>> the roku 2. plug it into your television and have instant television access so if you want to stream movies from netflix or hulu, very easy way to do it.

>> you like this.

>> the trader joe 's olive oil . $6 a bottle.

>> in our tests, one of two that rated excellent for taste.

>> you've also got some wines here that are inexpensive.

>> the bogle is that right yeah and columbia-crest, both $10. this would be great with smoked fish , salad, vegetables. the columbia-crest would be great with braised meats or grilled meats or vegetables.

>> particularly northern to me which is the coffee-maker.

>> early morning .

>> and this comes with the grinder included. some people like, some people don't. my experience with some that they can -- you can get a jam there in the grinding process. what do you like about this one?

>> this one performed really well. brews an excellent cup of coffee. three speeds for grind, depending on what you like and five different settings for your brew strength. if you like it weak, that's fine or if you like more oomph. takes care of everybody in the house hold.

>> a lot of options there.