TODAY   |  October 01, 2012

Marie Osmond: New show helps women feel ‘completed’

Marie Osmond has been entertaining us for five decades, ever since making her TV debut at age three. She gives the scoop on her new daytime talk show “Marie,” which premieres today and features Betty White as the first guest.  

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>>> hard to believe marie osmond has been entertaining us for over five decades.

>> i don't want you to say that! oh my goodness.

>> she made her tv debut on "the andy williams ' show" when she was 3. now her new talk show "marie" premiers today.

>> today!

>> that's right, your legendary first guest, betty white .

>> i know!

>> take a look.

>> look at this beautiful house you bought! oh, it's lovely.

>> hallmark bought it for me.

>> they did?

>> yeah.

>> o is there anything you want to tell me?

>> no, i like -- you would tell me a lot of things, betty.

>> no, but they just bought it for you, you didn't have to do anything.

>> no, i just said i wanted to talk to you, and they said this is for betty.

>> oh!

>> isn't she cute.

>> she is the best. it's hard to believe, but here you are, this -- another chapter in your career. in fact, take a look. this is the headline of " usa today ." it says -- " usa today ," the weekend edition .

>> wow! i haven't seen that yet.

>> pretty cool.

>> how sweet. you know, it's lovely. when betty -- she started out in talk. she used to do five hours before they had scripts and prompters and everything else. and, you know, i sat in that other chair now for five decades of being the person that you -- that is interviewed. and it's really fun, al, to be in that other position. the show is very different. we do ten 11-minute segments. we have people really talk. and you know how it is. it's like get the book in, get the movie, in tell a funny and you're out there. it's not that way. we laugh a lot. it's very -- it's topical. i have said, it's more -- it's not so much about the red carpet . it's helping women walk that red carpet in their own life. and helping them feel completed as women, not so much competing against each other. it's been so much fun.

>> you talk about competing against other women. you've got katie couric doing the show, ricki lake , all those folks. it's a crowded genre. how do you make a difference?

>> look at you, al? how do you make a difference? it's you. it's al. how do i make it different? i come from a perspective of, oh, yeah, i've been on the bus. i've done the broadway stage . oh, yeah, let's talk about writing a book. i've been in that other chair. it's -- i don't think it's crowded. we have so many stations, a lot of programs to fill. but i think it really is about the person. i did -- dina shore, wasn't she lovely? mike douglas , merv griffin . i did all those shows. i've worked with those people. lucille ball , groucho marx . we debuted britney spears . christina aguilera on "the donny and marie show ." i love to give people a shot. here they're like -- carney wilson came on and the producers talking about her weight and her eating and, no, that's not carney . even though carney and i are different, we're very similar. we have the coolest interview with carney , you have to watch it.

>> you talk about your life . you have dealt with so much. suicide of your son, postpartum depression battle, your you're a mom to eight.

>> yes, eight is enough.

>> how does that shape you as a talk show host ?

>> do you know, i think there is a relatability. it's very fascinating, some of the people, because we shot a couple shows, and it looks like a house, it's fun. but so far, we've had people talk about eating disorders that they have never talked about and they felt safe. another person talked about how they grew up as a hoarder and what that do to them and morphed into their work and entertainment. i have a lot of real people on too. i think real people are fascinating. i've learned some of the greatest things i've learned in life are from my real friends. and i don't know. it's -- i want it to be kind of like that backyard fence where mothers used to hang their laundry and talk. that's what i want this show to be. we'll see. i'm so grateful to hallmark for giving me this opportunity. tom bergeron did the show, and of course i passed out on " dancing with the stars " and in his book the first thing was about me passing out. and he said it's funny, you said "oh crap." and i said tom, you this is hallmark, you can't say crap, you'll get bleeped. and i said i just said it too.

>> great to see you.

>> i want to hear about your book. you come on my show and talk about it. i would love to.

>> "marie" airs today on hallmark at 12 noon pacific, 11:00 a.m . central time . coming up, inventions you've got to see to believe. [ female announcer ] those who look to fuel body and mind with the simplest of grains, they are not hard to find. just four ingredients, it all