TODAY   |  September 29, 2012

Your Afghanistan questions, answered

Lester Holt answers viewer tweets while on location in Afghanistan, and speaks to the troops about what they need. “Personally, I need coffee,” one said, and another said the troops need blankets for outreach work.

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>>> troops need now as you're counting down to 2014 ? a long list, huh?

>> well, yeah. this is my fourth tour over here.

>> what do you need?

>> personally, i need coffee. water's getting a little old, so flavored beverages to mix in with the water would be great.

>> any other thoughts about what's needed here?

>> i know for operation outreach, we need blankets. other than that, that's not for us, though.

>> that's going out to the civilians.

>> important work you're doing.

>> another question that was geared towards me. asked me what the first thing i noticed was. this is the first time i've been back in two years. i notice a lot more afghan troops out and about. and also a sense of normalcy in kabul and in places down in kandahar where people are going about their business. the notion that everything is exploding at one time is a false one there. are pockets of this country even in some of the more difficult areas where people go about their business, their farm their farms, they sell their wares, but it is a difficult time. we won't underestimate that. we have a happy sweet 16 . when is the birthday?

>> it's monday.

>> this is elizabeth, your daughter?

>> what's your name?

>> sergeant first class straw.

>> is this going to be a big blowout?

>> i don't know. i hope not.

>> how has twitter changed things? twitter wasn't around when this war started.

>> absolutely, sir.

>> it works snout.

>> it works out, sir. just want to say hello to my family. roll tide.

>> thanks very much. we have an nbc news special coverage called "at the brink." it starts tomorrow. we'll look at the most dangerous conflicts around the world. ann curry from syria. richard engel and i reporting from afghanistan. tamron?

>> great show from there. we'll see you then, everyone. have