TODAY   |  September 29, 2012

More nude photos of Duchess Kate surface

Two weeks ago pictures of Kate sunbathing topless at a chateau were printed in France, but a Danish magazine has gone even further, publishing photos of Kate without her bikini bottom on. NBC’s Duncan Golestani reports.

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>>> just when the duchess of cambridge may have thought the worst was over, more revealing photos of her are making the rounds on the internet. here's duncan.

>> reporter: two weeks ago, pictures of kate sunbathing topless at this chateau were printed in france. but a danish magazine has gone even further, publishing photos showing kate without her bikini bottom. the magazine's editor calls it entertainment, top entertainment. the photos seem to come from the same set of pictures that overshadowed the couple's royal tour of the far east and pacific. as kate and prince william tried to focus on their public engagements, their lawyers were in a paris court asking a judge to stop the magazine which started the story. they won their case in france, but that hasn't stopped the photos being printed across europe.

>> i'm sure it must be very painful for kate , because really she feels that she's probably becoming the center of attention. she is letting the royal family down, and becoming famous all around europe, around the world for the wrong reasons.

>> reporter: asked whether they will take further legal action, st. james's palace say their position has not changed and that all proportionate responses are being kept under view. but they have decided not to make an official complaint about a british newspaper printing photos of prince harry naked in a las vegas hotel suite . instead harry is said to be focusing on his tour of duty far away in afghanistan. for kate , there's no such distraction, as she faces yet more public embarrassment.