TODAY   |  September 28, 2012

The long and the short of hemlines

Lori Bergamotto, Lucky magazine contributing style editor, shows you how to wear your favorite hemline, whether it's mini, maxi, or in between.

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>>> this morning on "today's style" it's all about helms. changing from mini to maxies, hard to keep up. contributing style editor is here with the lange and short of it, shall we say. good morning to you.

>> good morning, savannah.

>> what are the rules on hem, and what's in this year had.

>> in fashion you have to think of the trends on a spectrum, and you have to sort of calibrate what's right for you. so, you know, regardless of age, there are two tests that you can do. you can do the seat test, if you can't sit down in a skirt and still maintain your dignity, it's probably too short. you're fine. you passed.

>> fingertip rule, both of your arms down by your sides. you don't want the hemline to be above where your fingertips are so really easy.

>> all right. what if you have really long arms?

>> there's always exceptions to the rule, savannah, but, you know, even if you're in a bind with pants or something like that, wearing a different shoe and the hem is grazing the floor. a very easy fix, for under $10, hemming tape.

>> what does this mean?

>> instead of going to the tailor and fussing around with all the helms, do it yourself at home. stick it under the cuff and roll it up and voila.

>> why did it take so long --

>> should have thought of that.

>> let's bring out the models. the first look we're doing is the pencil skirt .

>> pencil skirts are huge this fall, and they will always be a staple. this is frederica and the rule of thumb is to leave about three inches between the bottom hem of the pencil skirt and the top of the boot. it is a classic fall look. that skirt is $50 at hsn. savannah, what's universally flattering on all women is for that hemline to just graze the top of the knee.

>> not above the knee, sort of grazing the top of it.

>> you'll hear me say that, grazing and skimming, sort of the theme of the hem.

>> frederica, that looks great.

>> great for date night.

>> ankle late jeans this. can be a little bit tricky, whether you should wear flats or heels.

>> this is particularly tricky if you had someone petite like our model stacy. you want to make sure if you're purchasing a pair of jeans and you are petite. look for a cropped pair because those go to 29-inch inseam as opposed to 32 or 33-inch inseam. anybody, wearing a jean with a flat, you want to make sure that the bottom hem length skims the back of the heel.

>> okay.

>> so it should just go underneath your ankle bone .

>> if you take these to the tailor to get hemmed, do you bring two different kinds of shoes.

>> a pair of jeans that are your casual flat pair and a pair you wear with heels because in that case the hem would be longer. don't want to splurge on the two pairs, invest in themming tape, under $10. that's the way to do it.

>> es blah is showing us trousers.

>> isabella is going to work, very popular work trouser, and a lot of women don't know how exactly to do this. what you want to remember is that the back of the trouser should conceal most of the back of the shoe and let the heel pick out. you don't want it to be tripping length. you don't want to skim the floor, skim the heel. not trying to sweep the floor with our hemline. the front pleat of the pant should hit right around the middle of the foot. those pants are under $50 from limited.

>> i love how you do the two prints together.

>> try to keep trending.

>> that's a whole other look.

>> and the last model indira, call it the boho chic look.

>> i like to call this the mullet skirt, all party in the front and business in the back. what you want to look for with the hem length is something that's very gradual and that graduates into a longer hemline as opposed to something that's a hard edge, okay. the other thing you want to remember is to carry it with something like an ankle boot. sometimes matching the aesthetics of the skirt or pant with shoe is just as matching the proportion. pay close attention to that. put her in a little ankle booty from target. under $40, and the skirt's from h & m .

>> let's bring the models out. didn't show a very long skirt. some people like to wear those, is there a rule over how long is too long?

>> it shouldn't sweep the floor. skim or graze the back of your feet. unless you're going to an event in a ball gown, the only time it's sweeping the floor.

>> if you think it might be too short, it probably is.