TODAY   |  September 27, 2012

Join the (online) club for fitness, beauty, fun

Nicole Pearl, founder of, tells TODAY’s Kathie Lee and Hoda about online clubs that suit many different types of folks, from moms to kids to wine lovers.

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>>> what if you could have your own personal stylist , nutritionist and beauty expert without leaving your home?

>> the new trend in modern online clubs comes to your door step and offers something for everybody whether you're a fitness buff or new mom.

>> nicole is the founder of the beauty

>> how are you?

>> thanks for having me.

>> these clubs work for everybody?

>> they've been renovated. now they are personalized. they give you access to experts and are a great value.

>> we all know harry and david 's. now they've taken it to a new level.

>> fruit of the month club is a whole new concept.

>> talk about moms.

>> for moms, this is citrus lane. this is for moms who have newborns to kids 3 years old. you get a box of products tailored to your child's stage of development. also a great baby shower gift.

>> you give your stats and they send you this stuff?

>> exactly. is it expensive?

>> no. great value. this is $75 for a three-month subscription, but you get $35 or more with the product.

>> this is babbaco. this is a detective themes. you get online content, activities, anything to enrich your child. all supplies are included. plop your kid in front of this and they'll be psyched.

>> dlu my children's books in that.

>> people into fitness, this is clutch club. you get each month a combination of wellness, fitness and nutritional items. theme based. for october they have their holiday survival kit . you have everything from your motivated to work out and immune boosters and a men's version.

>> personal shoppers. i'm curious how this would work.

>> every woman would love a personal shopper but we don't often have access. this is a shopping service and a personal stylist for every woman for free. go online, fill out a questionnaire about your style, what your goals are. i used it. i wanted something cute for this segment. i wanted fun mom clothes. they gave me this outfit. i kept what i wanted. that's what you pay for. you send back what you don't. shipping is free. the other nice thing they include a video that shows how to mix and match everything. you don't have to be your own stylist.

>> are you in direct communication or do you fill out the survey?

>> you fill out the survey and speak to your stylist on the phone so it's personal.

>> is this the boys department here?

>> trunk club. the same shopping service concept. they are the originators of it. guys who hate to shop.

>> i love all this stuff. this is a great look.

>> it's very age-appropriate, no matter if you're a young professional or older gentleman. we gifted this for my father-in-law and he loved it.

>> this is birch box. this is tailored for anybody if you're into beauty and you don't know what to buy. they tailor each product based on your eye type, skin concerns. that's only $10 a month. let's get to the club w. incredible wine club for anybody not into wine, doesn't know about it. doesn't know how to pick a bottle.

>> or just likes it.

>> you fill out a survey, are you into citrus, how do you like your coffee? they have a team of experts who pick wines for you. it's only $13 a bottle. you get three for $39.

>> how was it?

>> good.

>> you filled out a service. they sent a red for you, hoda.

>> thank you.

>> it's delicious. thank you.